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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Latest predictions for South Australia?

flooding rains within the next few days.


According to the nice radio lady, we're expected to get the heaviest rainfalls we've had in quite some time.

Mostly over the bushfire area which is good for making sure there really are no hot spots left to flare up again. 

BUT....isn't there always a but?, those sifting through ashes and other remains will find it even more hard going when it all turns to slush and sludge.

Of course we need the rain, we always do, and I do mean always, we're so dry here, but floods? Really? 

**Granny Nature, can't you just take a few of those soaking wet clouds and spread them around a bit?
I have friends in Perth and Canberra who could use some of the wet stuff.

** She's older than we are and I'm a granny, so she must be too by now.


  1. Some world-wide weather moderation would be nice. Each day this week we have had rain predicted. Each day we have received none. Sigh.
    Good luck. Putting out the fires and reducing the risk of further fires is a huge plus though.

  2. Oh how terrible. I'll gladly share some of this really cold stuff I have here to even you out a bit. :/

  3. Oh River, our Ms Nature is a harsh mistress at times. But oh how we need her!

  4. From one extreme to another.
    My heart goes out to all - humans and animals - who suffer.

  5. 2015 certainly hasn't brought much good with it, has it? Let's hope the rains spread over a wide area...and let's hope those pour souls who've suffered from those devastating bush fires find relief from all quarters...human and nature.

  6. Elephant's Child; world wide weather moderation is a pipe dream I fear. When I die and get to heaven I'l be having words with you-know-who, see if we can't work something out. Of course that doesn't help us in the meantime.

    Happy Elf Christine; we'll have enough cold stuff when (if) the rains get here.

    Rose ~ from OZ; you'd think she'd relent a little as we all do when we age.

    Vicki; mine too. I guess life really wasn't meant to be easy. But it could be if Nature would just play fair.

    Lee; it's only been 8 days, let's give 2015 a chance to settle in. Our rains are predicted to cover most of the state.

  7. Australians seldom complain about rain. We complain about the lack of it, too much of it, or too much in one place and not enough in another place, or if you are a farmer, too much at the wrong time of the year. Someone once wrote a poem about drought and rain. Now what was it?

  8. Could do with some rain clouds here in WA for sure. I saw that photo of the koala with burnt paws today from the bush fires. Made my heart sink.

  9. The only upside is, nothing can burn while it's pouring buckets.

  10. I wonder if any of us ever had one year of glorious weather.

  11. Oh my Goodness. You're getting your share of unpredictable weather as well. Good that the rain is putting out the bush fires, but lakes of grey sludge - hard work.

  12. If Mother Nature is a Granny than she is a wise Granny indeed, but she suffters from abuse by the human race and thus can't really control the weather in a way that would make us all happy. I fear we are in for many extremes in our weather and we have only ourselves to blame. The rain is good for your fires though ... I am glad to hear that they are basically out and are no longer a threat. Get out your snorkal gear, River ... you may be needing it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. Andrew; hahahahahaha, "someone once wrote a poem..."
    sunburnt country, droughts and flooding rains. How many years ago was that written and why haven't steps been taken to share some of those flooding rains with the dry areas in all that time? each successive govmint has their head up their...or claims it is too expensive, yet each year that passes, the expense grows larger.

    Jacana; there are many such koalas, just as there were in the last fires and all those preceding, but survivors are being well cared for and donations for the care to continue are flooding in. I saw on TV they have little cotton mittens to protect the bandaged paws :)

    Delores; there's a silver lining in everything.

    Joanne; I don't think so, but wouldn't it be nice?

    Molly; I don't want to sound mean, but I'm glad I don't have to cope with lakes of burnt grey sludge.

    Andrea; you're right of course, it's us humans that are the cause of much of the trouble. Granny does what she can in spite of us, but loses her temper now and again. Snorkel? I can barely breathe dry air, I think a snorkel might be too much to handle.

  14. mm; yes it did, much of the mid north and surrounding areas are awash, down here in the city we have our gutters running full, with more expected tomorrow and Monday.