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Monday, January 19, 2015

Musical Monday #43

and another one by Andre Rieu

oh come on, don't click away just yet. 
Listen to it first and give me your opinion.

Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace

Did you like it?
Did you not?

Be honest, I can take it.

I must be one of the two people on the planet that likes to listen to bagpipes, so when this began, I expected to enjoy it. 
And I did. 
It was spoiled a bit for me by that twittery little flute.


  1. I must be the other one then....bagpipe music makes chills run up and down my spine, my hair stand on end and goosebumps break are right by the way, the flute was ridiculous.

  2. Honest comment--I didn't like it!!

  3. Not for me. Bagpipe music either makes me cry or my teeth ache. Sometimes both.

  4. I love the bagpipes. I've loved them since I was a kid. Our Nana used to take us into town every Saturday night to watch, listen to and follow the Gympie Scots' Pipe band play and march through the main street. It was great...and it was a great Saturday night outing for us kids.

    1. And I am of Scottish and Irish heritage, so that probably helps.

  5. No doubt it is stirring stuff I don't mind a well known bag pipe tune. However, this is too irresistible.

    Q. What's the difference between a bagpipe and an onion?

    A. No one cries when you chop up an bagpipe.

  6. Delores; it seems there are more of us than I thought. Lee below is a fan too. The flute would have been fine if he had stuck to the tune, the extra embellishments were just wrong.

    fishducky; thank you, I do like honesty. Bagpipes aren't for everyone.

    Elephant's Child; my hubby #1 was in the Army's pipes and drums band when we lived in Brisbane from 73->75, picture a short skinny soldier marching along with a big bass drum (*~*), but he loved it and there were shenanigans one New Years Eve with drum, pipes and a mate on a bridge....

    Lee; They stir something in the blood don't they? I have no Scottish or Irish blood, I'm a German, Swedish, Polish mix with maybe a smidge of Russian if I go back far enough, but I do like the pipes. I have two albums of pipes and drums music that I must get transferred to cd one day soon. They belonged to hubby #1 who was in the Army pipes and drums band. see comment above.

    Andrew; this one isn't very stirring, probably because everybody and his uncle has produced a version of Amazing Grace. The flute would have been fine if he had just stuck to the tune.

  7. I cannot listen to a pipes rendition of Amazing Grace without wanting to cry. The pipe version invokes in me a distant deep sadness and longing, right from the core of my being. I love the pipes and can almost feel the fog rolling in to think of them, and the ocean smell, and the green rolling hills.

  8. I didn't mind it at all... even the flute :)
    I used to love the old stage pantomimes, and many times, flute music was involved in childrens musical tales.
    My favourite is Prokofiev's wonderful Peter and the Wolf, where the bird is represented by the flute.

    I love bagpipes. And all Celtic music.

    Years ago, I once had the pleasure to hear a lone piper high on a hill one cold winters night in the remote countryside. It was not intended as a performance, I was just fortunate to have been there at the right time to hear the haunting strains... as if it were a dream.

  9. I love bag pipes. The is my favourite rendition of amazing grace by Il Divo.

  10. Strayer; welcome to drifting. I haven't been able to listen to any version of Amazing Grace for many years, until just recently. It was the song sung at a family funeral where three family members died in a road accident.

    Vicki; I never saw any stage shows while growing up, that was something kids in movies did. I have to say that flute annoyed me; usually I quite like flutes. I hear a bagpipe quite often here, there is someone living nearby who practises for hours on Sunday afternoons. But no tunes, just scales and whatever else they do for practice.

    mm; so I was wrong thinking there was just me who enjoyed the pipes. I'll have a listen to that version now. thanks.

  11. Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with Scottish music; yet not for long. This was pure majesty. Yes, the tears and chills happened!