oh no, not again

I've just heard on the news here that a blizzard of historic proportions is bearing down on the USA.
Didn't y'all have enough of that last year?
Has Mother Nature misplaced her calendar from last year so she doesn't know where to send this year's blizzards?
Send one to the Sahara desert, they could use a little cooling down I'm sure.
Death Valley too.

Side note: what are "historic proportions"?  Would that be bigger than anything seen before in history?
That would be epic! 

I hope you're all ready. 
Got enough toilet paper?

Joanne; got enough road salt?
Delores; stocked up the pantry?
Pearl; lefty and stumpy in good condition? Know where your mittens are?
fishducky; wrap a quilt around yourself. insert a zipper to hold it together. cut armholes if you wish.


  1. More to the story, it's in New York and people have been told to go home and stay home, it's possible this blizzard could paralyse the north east.

  2. That's one thing (amongst many others) I would never run out of...toilet paper. I always have a stockpile. I think the local supermarket could borrow off me if their stocks get low!

  3. Well, at least NY is always prepared for snow and cold..... same as we are. The cold climates have shelters for the homeless and anyone who needs help. Yea, the word "epic" makes one wonder......

  4. Well fortunately, we're in Canada on the other side of the lakes and this mega mess is not headed our way. It is headed up the east coast of Canada though. New York has been informed that this has the potential to drop 2 to 3 feet on them and will be the worst storm in recorded history for that area. I don't know if that's historical or hysterical.

  5. We dodged it in Jersey, not so sure about further north.

  6. Seems weird to think of, doesn't it? Even here in Missouri, it is sunny. A bit cold, but I can go out without a coat and there is no snow. :)

  7. Epic it was. Fortunately it did not epic me. Sadly, it did epic Boston.

  8. Lee; I have a good supply too, not as much as I used to keep, I just don't have the room, but if a neighbour has a middle of the night emergency, I could share.

    Manzanita; good to hear that New York is always prepared. although that does make me wonder why anyone would live there. I guess all those people must really enjoy that weather.

    Delores; glad to hear you're out of it, you're quite some distance away according to my atlas. Several inches at least :)

    joeh; Jersey is quite close, you got lucky.

    Happy Elf Christine; a bit cold? I'd be freezing where you are! We had a chilly wind yesterday morning and I put on my big old ski jacket!

    fishducky; of course! What was I thinking...

    Joanne; Boston is quite a way up from New York, so it was a far-reaching blizzard. Do you have family in Boston? I know Susan Kane does, hope they're okay.

  9. My daughter and her partner are in the USA at the moment but on the other coast so I hope the bad weather doesn't cross the country.

  10. Scary times. I hope the damage and the danger are soooo much less than predicted.


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