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you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, January 26, 2015

was I foolish or wise?

Remember the advice from the Heart Foundation?
We should all walk 10,000 steps per day in the interest of keeping our hearts healthy.

Sounds like a great idea. For a sloth like me, doing them all at once is probably not a good idea.
I think spacing them out over the course of the day is a better idea. Walking every day would be a good idea too. How far is 10,000 steps anyway? I never count my steps.

So here's what I did. 

I went to the movies. I saw Big Hero 6, it's an animated movie and quite good.
The cinema is quite a long distance away, (well it is on the map), but the bus trip doesn't take too long.
Anyway, I got out of the cinema about five minutes too late to catch the bus home and being a public holiday the next one wasn't due for an hour.

So I decided to walk until I heard the bus catching up with me. You know how it goes. Walk to the next stop, check and see if the bus is coming. Keep going.

Off I set, walking, walking, walking and it turned out to be not all that far after all.
It's a distance I used to be able to walk easily.
I stopped for a rest at a bus stop I knew well, another fifteen minutes walking and I'd be home. But just as I got up to start walking again, the bus appeared and I got on.

I expected to feel achy after sitting down here at home, but so far I'm okay. Was I foolish to walk so far when I haven't done it for some time? Time will tell. I may very well be stiff and sore tomorrow.
But I have things to do tomorrow, things which will use those same muscles, that should help ease any stiffness.

And I did enjoy the walking. I was kept company part of the way by four ravens (crows?) who cawed at me at each corner. I saw some lovely gardens too.
I wish I'd had the camera with me, but who takes a camera to the movies?

Here's a quote from yesterday's newspaper.

""Every time you make a typo, the errorists win."


  1. I really like the quote :)

    I love walking. There's so much more to take in at a slower pace than driving. I don't do enough of it these days and I really should remedy that.
    I know I did far, far more than 10,000 steps a day when I lived in the country.

    Crows and ravens are among my most favourite birds. Such excellent company to keep on your expedition.
    Hope your muscles aren't too stiff in the morning.

  2. I need to walk more. I like it, and I see and smell more when I walk.
    I do hope you are not too stiff tomorrow though.
    Love that quote.

  3. Vicki; I don't drive at all, I've walked or taken the bus all my life. I'm stiff every morning, so I'm used to it, I hope it will ease off pretty quickly like it always does. I don't walk so much these days because the shops are only five minutes away instead of a couple of suburbs and I've gotten too used to sitting here by the computer. I like the ravens/crows too. If the ravens are the ones with pale blue eyes, then that's what kept me company today.

  4. Elephant's Child; I need to walk more too, it's the glaring sun and heat that stops me in summer, but I really have no excuse for the winter when I can rug up and get warm by walking.

  5. I have read that resting a set of muscles one day and resuming the third day is best. On the second day, it seems we should use a different set of muscles.

    Now, mind you, I am not doing anything, so this is just what I have heard, not done. It seems the muscles need time to properly repairs the little tears in muscles, thereby making the muscle stronger. Good grief, I could teach people nd never strain a Hey, good for you no matter how you get it done.

  6. Oh, wasn't it too hot for walking River? I love the movies!
    Australia Day post was fab too :)

  7. The birds were encouraging you to keep going. I'm impressed with your stamina.

  8. You see so much on a walk that you otherwise misd.

    Damn, the errorists win again.

  9. Good for you! Here, we're in the dead of winter so if the cold doesn't get us, the icy pavements do. This time of year my walking happens on a treadmill at the YMCA.

  10. Wonderful quote. I probably would have started home, too. You obviously put your hour wait to good use.

  11. I think that you did very well. I love walking - you see so much more than just sitting in a bus.

  12. Hi River,

    I am doing lots of 30 day challenges this year; I have started with two in January, one of which is to walk at least two miles a day. I chose that one because it is easy and I am on day 26, During work days I walk 2.1 miles (assisted by an app on my phone) but at the weekend I have managed three, four and five miles on the odd day.

    Keep it up. I feel much better for it.

    And it's easy.




  13. Well done on the walking. I have plugged myself into a life style tracker and according to this uncomfortable contraption on my wrist ten thousand steps is around 7kms.

  14. Linda; I know from experience that if I rest on day two I stiffen up too much and can't move at all on day three. so I did the things I had to do today and I'll be fine tomorrow. I did use a few different muscles this time.

    Rose ~ from OZ; not too hot at all, we've been having fabulous weather, sunny with cool breezes.

    Delores; I knew they were, they'd fly up a few trees ahead of me then wait for me to catch up and off they'd go again.

    joeh; I know. When I'm on the bus my head is buried in my book.
    Watch out for those errorists.

    Mart Damon; I'd have a treadmill if I had space for one, maybe. I prefer walking outside to see different things and we don't get iced over here.

    Joanne; it's a wonderful quote, I wish I could think of things like that. I used to always walk for miles, from one bus stop to another. A lot of the time a bus would pass while I was between stops, so I'd just keep going and often make it home without getting on a bus.

    Molly; when I'm sitting on a bus, I'm reading, so the walk is definitely better for looking at things.

    Plasman; I don't do challenges, too often they fail me because I wake up with pain somewhere that says don't even think about getting out of bed. I do of course, one can't make coffee from the bed. (*~*), but some days I'm crawling around on all fours until things loosen up. How much is two miles in kilometres?

    Jacana; 7kms?? And they want people to walk that far every day?? When are we supposed to get anything else done? I once pushed myself to 6kms years ago and slept for the entire afternoon after that!

  15. I love that quote! :)

    I hope you're not feeling any after effects from your lengthy walk, River. I'm afraid I couldn't do that these good on you.

  16. Lee; feeling it quite a bit now, I'm sitting with a hot water bottle pressed against my lower back, I'll be taking it easy today.