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Monday, January 5, 2015

what is that smell??

Oh shit!
Hmmm...........gets bucket of water and sponge ready....calls...Angel, come here Angel, come on stinky-bum furball.....GET IN HERE! 

Shuts bathroom door.

Alrighty, let me help you out here. Lie down. Takes hold of scruff and flips cat onto his side, checks bum/tail area.
Cat wriggles. Oh the indignity of it all.
Hold still!

Sponge, sponge, sponge, swish, rinse, sponge, sponge, sponge, swish rinse, sponge.

Poor Angel's bum and tail is so wet by now, but I'm still sponging, determined to get him clean, because around this time of day, he likes to get on my bed for a nap.

And he's not getting on my bed with that in his tail hair!
I just washed that quilt cover last week.

An occasional quietly outraged mmrrrow is heard but I just shush him gently and Angel lays still while I sponge him off.
As soon as he is clean, I open the door and he takes off out to the back porch to get over it.

He's almost used to this procedure by now, I don't even have to put on the long, leather rose-pruning gloves anymore.
I wash my hands a couple of times, clean up the sponge, bucket and floor, then wash my hands again with disinfectant antibacterial liquid soap. Twice.


  1. I have been there myself. More than once.
    Years back I was cleaning the oven when a cat wandered into the oven and sat down. I snatched that cat out of the oven and turned him upside down under the tap to wash the caustic foam from his nether regions. He was so shocked he didn't scratch me - and came to no harm.

  2. joeh; angel is a long haired indoor cat, I have to keep him clean as he gets onto the bed, the couch, the table. He doesn't always get poo in his tail hairs so this washing doesn't happen very often. An outdoor cat could be shooed outside and left to clean himself.

    Elephant's Child; That speed is how I've got Angel accustomed to the cleaning. Grab, flip, sponge. In the beginning I was more timid about it and got scratched quite a bit.

  3. Ah, you have answered the questions I was going to ask.

  4. Andrew; it's unfortunate, but sometimes happens with long-haired cats when they only have a limited space to manouver, a litter tray in a corner of the laundry.

  5. Oh, the horror. Done that, been there. More times than I care to think about!

  6. We had a long haired cut ONCE......used to get his hair shaved under the tail. Not noticeable to anyone but certainly avoids your current situation.

  7. Would that be as bad as having to do that to your kids?

  8. Hi River,

    I could do that with two of my cats. The third one, the hellcat, would rip my face off.




  9. Ummmm....well, that certainly got the day off to a good start. lol

  10. So, there is a price for having such a large and luxurious tail...

  11. I just hear my sister saying, when I came home with Toby, "Another long haired cat." We still need two to three people to minister to his backside, and he'll be four come May.

  12. Although Precious had one of the fluffiest bums I've ever seen she rarely had that problem but sometimes, if she was a little loose, it would happen. We mostly snipped that piece of hair off and the problem was solved. With so much hair you could never see where you'd snipped it off. I admit though one of us had to hold her and the other do the snipping as she hated having anything done to her except her daily brushing which she used to ask to have done.

  13. Marty Damon; it doesn't happen often enough to bother me, his diet is fairly restricted, his choice not mine, he is picky about his food.

    Delores; I thought about getting Angel trimmed, but this doesn't happen so often to make the cost worthwhile.

    fishducky; six of one half dozen of the other really. With the kids it was several times a day, with Angel it is now and again; with the kids the eventually grew out of that stage and could wash themselves, with Angel he mostly cleans himself already, but sometimes needs help and probably always will.

    Plasman; I see you still have your face, so Mrs PM would do the third cat? (*~*)

    Lee; it's nice to get the day off to a good start, glad I could help.

    Vicki; yes there is, thankfully not often.

    Joanne; I manage with just me, Angel is very co-operative.

    Mimsie; I've snipped off hair a few times, when the dags were small and dry, but a larger, soft and mushy lump that he is desperately trying to clean gets the sponge and water treatment. He still doesn't like being brushed, he will tolerate shoulders but any more and he grabs the brush and runs away with it.

    1. I was referring to your day, River...getting your day off to a good start. :)

  14. Hahaha, you should do up an Instruction Sheet for cat owners River........-chuckle-

  15. Rose ~ from OZ; just follow the above method (*~*), be quick and firm, get it done almost before your cat realises what's going on.