Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday # 158

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

found at cakewrecks

the real reason why Ken would never marry Barbie.


  1. Ken looks lovely!! When did he come out?

  2. fishducky; I've no idea when, but he does look pretty, knows what colours suit him best.

  3. Oh dear. He reminds me of a crinoline doll which hid the spare loo paper in a neighbours house. She held a sign which said 'If you're in trouble, please don't shout. Lift me up, and I'll help you out'.

  4. Well, there you go! The truth has come out at last!! :)

    1. PS...Ken wasn't in the closet after all...he was in the pantry!!

  5. Elephant's Child; my mum had the same doll. Also a sign that said "my aim is to keep this loo clean, your aim will help"

    Lee; the truth will always come out eventually.

    Vicki; good one!

  6. ... I love this... Ken can certainly wear a frock well... xx
    Hugs ... Barb xxx