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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adelaide is my city

Here are some pictures from our (famous?) Rundle Mall:

These two bronze pigs are Oliver, (in the bin) and Horatio. There are two other pigs, Augusta and Truffles, but I don't have photos of them.

These silver balls are a popular meeting spot, because they're so very easy to find. Tourists are often seen being photographed by them. Kids love to rap on them to hear the sound.

This safety netting inside the Myer centre was installed after someone jumped off the top balcony.........

Inside the best chocolate shop in Adelaide.

This building on the corner of Rundle Mall and King William Street is known as the Beehive corner. I did find out why some years ago, but I've since forgotten. (hangs head in shame)

This is the Rundle Mall entrance to the Adelaide Arcade. Not sure if you can tell from this that the floor in there is very pretty mosaic. at the other end of this arcade, the Grenfell St end is another Haighs chocolate shop, right beside the bus stop that I wait beside to come home. I often spend the waiting time inside the shop......

I hope you've all enjoyed this mini tour.


  1. Certainly did. It's over 25 years since I was in Adelaide. I enjoyed it then . . prolly would now too! More pics please.

  2. Buried somewhere in my blog are photos of the other pigs and I was telling my mother about them only the other day.
    Love the building and it has a chocolate shop, good thing Justin Madden can't tear it down.

  3. Haven't been to Adelaide for 20 years...

  4. Melbourne is a city constantly being built and rebuilt. You have a drink in a pub one day and next day it's a vacant lot. Nothing settled, nothing permanent. A tent city, run by pimps.

  5. Beehive Corner is called that because (squints at your photo) right at the top the building turret thingy is sculpted as a beehive.

    You know you're a South Aussie when you say, "Meet you at the Mall's Balls" without sniggering!

  6. That building has an ecclesiastical look, I'm reminded of Florence, where a shop sold me a switchblade.

  7. More photos Baino? I'll have to get out and about with my camera again........
    JahTeh, I don't think this one will ever be torn down, it's an Adelaide icon, a tourist drawing card, rather extensively refurbished several years ago.
    Time for another visit Frogdancer..
    R.H. A lot of Adelaide is being constantly changed too.
    Kath, you mean that bit right at the very top which I somehow managed to chop off? Much like I do people's heads.....ha ha. I thought the beehive reference had more to do with the fact that the top few stories contained many shops/offices/ departments or something and had many people swarming in and out, just like bees. I'll google later and find out for sure.

  8. Thanks for posting the photos River. I love the pigs. I haven't been to Adelaide and i enjoyed your virtual tour. thanks

  9. As well as drooling like a loon at the chocolate place, I am enthralled by the pigs.

  10. Hi River,

    I've been to Oz but never made it as far south as Adelaide (reaching only Sydney before it was time to go home).

    Looks like a nice place.