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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love containers

Especially the plastic screwtop kind. So when I saw these on special at Coles, naturally I bought a few.

Just a few......

Well, 20 actually.
These are made by Multix and sold in packs of four, with the claim of being able to go from freezer to microwave. I would imagine that if the contents were thawed and NOT a tomato based sauce, the containers would be fine. But microwave defrosting a single serve of my sausage hotpot sauce caused the container to be stained and roughened on the inside. Like the sauce had cooked into the plastic. And can't be cleaned off. It won't bother me too much, I'll just continue to use that particular container for tomato based sauces, since it is already stained. But from now on, I will remember to thaw first and just quick reheat. Since buying these, I have made chicken vegetable soup and pumpkin soup, the sausage hotpot mentioned earlier, and cooked a bagful of granny smiths to freeze in these so handy containers. Next time I feel like apple crumble I just have to thaw, assemble and bake. Because the crumble mix is also pre-prepared and frozen. I don't have to worry about what to cook for dinners for quite some time.......just reach into the freezer before leaving for work and grab something.


  1. Great idea!

    Tomato based stuff stains pretty much any plastic I think. I think that's why Tupperware started bringing out their microwave dishes in red! :-)

  2. I love being prepared like that. It makes life so much easier.

  3. Oh I'm a real container, freeze and reheat girl as well and they have to be clear-coloured or I forget what's inside 'em.

    My Mum never used clear containers and many's the time I'd open up what looked like a Meadow Lea container to butter my toast with and get a shock to see some leftover peas inside!

  4. Ha Ha, Kath. My mum used to write NOT in big black texta in front of whatever was on the original labels. Then she discovered Tupperware and labels.

  5. I love these containers and use them all the time.
    They're great to put leftovers in and take for lunch, or freeze.
    I have more plastic in my kitchen than a recycle plant, and let's not talk about Tupperware.
    I have even more of that than the rest.
    Now I come to think about it, I could probably furnish 3 kitchens and still have more left than I needed.
    And gadgets. I have more gadgets than you can poke a stick at too.
    If it's for the kitchen, I want it, and I want it right now.
    I think the melon baller was a mistake though!!