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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Julia Gillard

So, we now have a woman as Prime Minister.
I freely admit I know nothing about politics. Skim over the headlines in the papers without reading the stories. All I know is they make promises to get elected, then spend the next few years breaking them. Or bending them.

Today I was asked, "What do you think of Julia Gillard?"
My immediate response was "she looks like Jodie Foster".
We both laughed.

Then I admitted that I don't take much notice of politics, so I'll be adopting a wait and see position.

I've bought newpapers, but not yet read the articles. I'll try to, tomorrow.
I understand Julia comes from a working class background?
(Also from my home state, South Australia.)
But she's been living in Canberra for a while, hasn't she? So does she still hold true to her roots?

How does someone as ignorant of politics as me figure out whether or not she's a better choice than the man she ousted? What prompted the ousting? Was Julia just desperate to have a chance at Prime Ministering, before an election possibly took away her chances?

I'll wait and see what comes of this new happening. Will she take the reins and really run this country? Will she become power drunk and forget her promises?

So confused, yet hopeful too.


  1. I'm confused and hopeful as well. A good summary of it all can be found here:

    ....and click on all the links she provides as well

  2. I like her and I hope, hope hope hope that she sticks to her promises. That said, you can like someone and not trust them!