Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

no need to get alarmed...... was just one.
Maggot, that is.
Alive, (just barely), and wriggling on my checkout conveyor belt first thing this morning. (Although now that I've thought about it, it could have been a weevil. Maggots being white and fat, weevils being thinner and yellowish. Yep, I'm going with weevil.)
What's that noise? Surely it can't be a stampede of cutomers leaving (supermarket)........come back, come back....
After dispatching said maggot, I searched the surrounding area so thoroughly I could have been mistaken for a forensics investigator. CSI anyone? No? Bones it is then...
Anyway, I told the boss about it as soon as he walked in, and this huge man actually shuddered. Which brings up a question. What is it that makes you shudder? We then had quite a discussion talking about other stores he'd worked in where he'd seen such things as rats and mice. He didn't say where. Thankfully, I haven't seen either of these in my store. Lately a few ants and spiders, but they've mostly been in customers "green" bags, the ones that have been bunched up and tossed in the corner of the garage until needed I suspect.


  1. You know, I'm a Pak n Save girl in NZ and I am pleased to say that the worst that I have found is weevils in rice. Our store is pretty clean too.

  2. Ugh horrible things. I get them in my kitchen tidy in summer sometimes thanks to persistent flies. There's no stopping them

  3. Maggots, my skin crawls if I see one, I have such a phobia about them.