Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, February 28, 2011

finally! dry underarms!

Over the years...many, many years....I've tried many different anti-perspirant deodorants.
Roll-ons, sprays, extra strength, super strength, 24 hour protection, active, sport, even all the men's varieties of the same, because apparently men sweat more than women, so their anti-perspirant deodorants must be stronger.....right?

None were very successful. For a while I used Mitcham spray anti-perspirant, and it worked. Then it was discontinued, so I switched to the roll-on variety of Mitcham. It worked. For a while. Then it was "new and improved" and it no longer worked as well. Even worse, it didn't dry upon application. I was walking around with my arms raised for at least 5 minutes waiting for those underarms to dry. Longer in winter.

So I went back to sprays. At least they dried straight away. Even if my underarms were sticky by the time I got to work, requiring a second application.

Recently, I heard about this---->

Rexona Clinical Protection, and wanted to try it. I couldn't see it on the supermarket shelf, so assumed it was a chemist item, therefore priced out of my budget.

Then, last Saturday, there it was! A friend told me it had been there for a couple of weeks.
(I must be going blind in my old age.)

Well, naturally I bought it. Because it was on special.
Not at the full price. And don't we all love a bargain?

Wetness and odour protection. For 48 hours! Hmmm, we'll see....
Odour has never been a problem, but the wetness?
Some days I could wring out my shirt, it gets that damp.

Instructions are in the box. There's a little wheel thingy at the bottom, which you turn until it clicks. Then keep turn/clicking until the cream appears at the top. After that, two clicks are usually enough for an application, according to the instructions.

According to the instructions, the cream is applied at night before bed, as the lower sleeping temperature of the body helps with the absorption of the active ingredient. When applied, it's dry. Immediately. And stays dry.
I applied it Saturday night, woke up Sunday morning and decided to not apply any more, to see how long the protection would last. All day. This is looking good.
This morning,still good. But, knowing I was going to be doing a little running around town, I applied a little more. And stayed dry all day.

This was the reduced "special" price. Still too expensive for my budget, but I wasn't buying much in the way of groceries, so I thought what the heck...

The real test comes tomorrow, when I'm walking to work, running around the store all day, (okay 4 hours), then walking home again. If I'm dry through all that, then the high price is worth it and I'll buy it again.
Because I do enjoy dry underarms.
Yes, there is a men's version too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Selections#8

Welcome to Sunday Selections #8

As bloggers, most of us have built up picture files of photos we think we might use "one day".
Often, as newer photos are filed and used, these older files are forgotten about.
They lie dormant on our hard drives, quietly singing to themselves,"what about me, it isn't fair"..

Well, here's your chance to use these forgotten photos.
Have a gander through all those old photo files and pick a few (or even just one) that have been there a long time, but never used.
You know, because a better idea came along.

Post them on a Sunday, under the Sunday Selections title, then link back to Kim, at Frogpondsrock, because this wonderful concept is hers.
Then hop on over to Kim's and add your name to her linky list.

It really is that simple!

The selection I've chosen today is called "Husks".

This first picture is a spider husk. It was caught in a web just outside my kitchen door and even after several weeks, it's still there. I took the photo the day I first saw it, about six weeks ago. By now I thought it would have blown away or got washed off by rain, but it's right beside the door frame, so I guess it's protected there from the weather.

I have to confess, this second photo is not at all old.
I took it this morning.
I was outside checking on my tomatoes, when I noticed a dark brown "something", clinging to one of the leaves.
As I reached to pick it off, it flew away.
I turned over the leaf and saw this caterpillar husk.
The moth or butterfly must have hatched out early this morning.
It flew away too quickly for me to see which it was.

These next three photos date back to about 2008. I think. Could be 2007.....

It's a praying mantis, shedding it's outgrown skin.
I wasn't out there while the actual shedding was going on, but I was there to see the mantis walking away from the newly shed skin, so raced inside for the camera.
(Now, of course, I'm smarter, and pick up the camera before going outside.
You never know what you might spot.)

The pale brown stick-like figure clinging to the bird netting is the mantis.
The near transparent white that you see in the bottom left is the newly shed skin, the husk.

Here is a closeup of the still soft and fragile praying mantis. He'll take a couple of days to harden to his former strength.

And here is the empty skin. The shell. The husk.

Join us, won't you?
Dust off those old files, find something, anything.
We don't mind what you choose.
Good or bad, we'd like to see your old photos.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I feel pretty...oh so pretty...

Anyone who has read my comments on other blogs, knows that I'm not a shoe person.

I don't have a cupboard full of different shoes in varied styles and colours, to cover every possible occasion where I might want to wear dressy clothes.

Instead, I'm a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl.

For years and years, this is what I've worn on my feet.

But yesterday, my older daughter took me shopping. Clothes shopping. I now have a nice shirt to wear at the Bloggers Conference and a new pair of shoes. Pretty shoes. Girly shoes. Shoes of a style I haven't worn in probably twenty years.

Take a look......aren't they pretty?

They are flat shoes, I've never worn high heels and I don't intend to start now.
They even have plastic inserts to hold their shape. elastic strap with a pretty, pretty flower on the side.

I tried them on in the shop and they were comfortable, so I was happy.
Today, I wore them around the house all day to see if they would stay comfortable for a whole day.
They did. I'm very happy with them.
The best part? Since I don't get all dressy very often, they'll last me for years.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Zen House

What a day!

I got picked up at noon, by my lovely daughter and we drove into the city, where we met my granddaughter and her boyfriend, who walked us around the block to Zen House where we all had lunch.

Zen House is a small Japanese place that serves vegan and gluten free food.

They also have iced teas in a range of wonderful flavours.
I had one called Strawberry Cream.
It had strawberry, hibiscus, mint and something else I can't remember.
It's worth going back just for the tea alone.

For lunch I chose a Tasty Omelette, which had mushrooms, mint, and again something else I can't remember. The serves came on enormous white plates with salad.

Then we said goodbye to granddaughter and boyfriend who were going to meet up with friends for a birthday picnic in the botanic gardens.
Happy Birthday granddaughter!!

We shopped in Myer, daughter buying me a couple of casual things to wear in Sydney.
I'm totally hopeless when it comes to buying clothes, so let her do the choosing.
I even have new shoes!!

I've been thoroughly spoiled today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Theme-Tools Of The Trade

Thursday Theme is an idea brought to us by Toni, of Chick Chat fame.
Every week, Toni will post the theme to use for the next Thursday's post.
Anyone can join in, just go over to Toni's blog, check what the theme will be, then post accordingly on your blog, on a Thursday of course, link back to Toni and add your name to her list.

I work in a supermarket, so here are the Tools of My Trade.........

Automatic doors, welcoming customers to the store.

Trolleys, to help you carry all those groceries from aisle to aisle, then on to the checkout.

Groceries, carefully chosen, or mindlessly tossed into the trolley, depending on how your day has been so far.

Scanner, one of the more important of "my" tools. Without this, checking out could take all day....

Bags, to put your groceries in so you don't drop them all, because none of us has the eight arms we so desperately need sometimes.

Of course, being a checkout chook isn't my only occupation.
I'm also a cleaner and these are the Tools of That Trade.

Gloves, for protecting the hands from near boiling water and various cleaning products.

Mops, for mopping up spills of course.

Brooms and dustpan, to get that pesky dust off the floor, and the leaves out of the carport.

Laundry cleaners, to get those whites whiter than white, and those colours the brightest you've ever seen.
Not to mention sparkling bathrooms and windows.
Ha Ha. (I don't do windows, not until I can't see out of them anyway)

I'm also a cook, these are the Tools of yet another Trade.

Pots and pans, in various sizes and shapes. And colours.

Utensils, hanging within easy reach of the sink and stove.

Knives. What good's a kitchen without good knives? And can openers, brushes, icecream scoop...

Lastly......I'm also a Blogger. For this I need these Tools.

Memory card for the camera that takes most of the pictures you see on this blog.
(Some of them are googled images......thanks google)

It's a little blurry.......sorry about that.

Notebooks, for jotting down ideas as they come to me. Although that's a little difficult if the ideas come to me while I'm at work, as they sometimes do.

Pens, for the jotting of ideas into the notebooks. And for the shopping lists, which take me back to the scene of the Trade.

So there you have it. I'm a Jack of All Trades. (Master of None)
Please, join us in this Thursday Theme. Pop on over to Toni's to find out how.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disqus, why I don't like it, won't use it.

An apology.

I'm having a little trouble lately with some of the blogs I love to read.

They've switched to Disqus, for the comments section.
The effect of Disqus, on my slow dial up connection, is to slow down the loading of the blog and also the comments section.

Once the blog has loaded, reading is still a bit difficult, as the pages no longer scroll smoothly, instead jerkily paging up or down, with an occasional blank screen while it decides what to do.

If I have plenty of time and a few other small things that need doing, I'll put up with it, so that I can read what one of my favourites has written.
While the page loads, I can make a cup of coffee, fold some laundry, sweep a floor or two.
No big deal.

If I'm in a hurry, I'll skip over to the next blog instead.

The comments section is the real problem.
It takes much longer to appear, (for me), than the blog post itself.
Then I'll click my cursor in the comments box, wishing to leave a comment.
It takes a while for the blinking little cursor to appear, indicating the comment box will now accept my comment.

Then I'll start typing.
Nothing appears, so I can't see mistakes I may be making...
My comment doesn't appear until a minute or so after typing is completed. The longer the comment, the longer it takes to appear. On one blog I was leaving quite a long comment about how I don't like Disqus, and when I finished typing it out I waited over twenty minutes for the words to appear. Then I gave up and shut down the computer and emailed the blog owner instead.

I have persevered on occasion, with leaving a comment, but really, it's a hassle.
Type the comment, wait for it to appear.
Correct any mistakes I may have made.
Then click on the "post as" box and wait.
Waiting, waiting,

Finally a window appears where I can enter my name, my email address, my website address.

Click "post." Wait. Wait some more.

Eventually my comment appears in the thread along with all the other comments left by others.

Now for the apology part.
To all of you out there who have Disqus; I'll read your posts when I can, because I love all of your writings and enjoy the photos you put up.
But I won't be leaving any comments.
Unless I have plenty of time on my hands.
The frustration waiting for things to load on my snail-slow system is just too much.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bet you can't guess what this is

Any ideas?

Okay, here's the answer.

It's the second, yes, the second, veneer to slide right off an eye tooth. (canine)
The first one slid off the other, (left,) eye tooth when I ran my tongue over my teeth just after eating a cheese sandwich for lunch at work. Felt it slide off and knew immediately what it was.
Almost a month ago now.
When the new veneers were less than two weeks old.
It has since been repaired.

This, below, is the inside surface of the same veneer.
I haven't been biting into hard things like lollies, nor have I been gnawing on lamb chop bones. I'm not game enough with the way my teeth have been falling apart lately.
Plus I don't like lamb chops.
This one came off as I was brushing my teeth. I felt it slide right off the tooth and onto the brush.

Maybe I should look for a new dentist.......

Here is something prettier for you to look at.
It's the moon!!
Technically part of the moon, since it's no longer full.

I heard a lot of squawking outside this morning and rushed out with the camera to see if I could get shots of the pair of white cockatoos that were circling the big gum tree. Hah! maybe if the were still long enough....

Instead I got this lovely clear shot of the moon, still fairly high in the sky at 7:50am.

How blue is that sky!!

And lastly, this pretty envelope came with the birthday card I chose for my oldest grand daughter. I've never seen an envelope with flowers printed on the inside before.
Isn't it lovely?
Just like the beautiful girl it's meant for.

After trying and failing to get photos of the cockatoo pair, I settled for one blurry shot of one of them on a tree branch. I was hoping it would look better on the bigger computer screen than it did on the small camera screen, but really, it's just a tree with a white blob.

And then I glanced at the clock.
Holey doughnut!
If I didn't leave home right then I would be late for work.
And ruin my good record? No way!
Luckily I was dressed and ready, just had to lock the doors and go.
I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare.

Monday, February 21, 2011

stocktake day

Today, Monday 21st February, was stocktake day where I work.

Everything had to be counted.


A group of us got there at 6am, each of us was given a thick black pencil, (able to write on any surface), then we were assigned sections.

We started in aisle *, spread along the aisle, counting and when we'd finished our section, we'd "leapfrog" past the people counting the next sections, and start counting again.

When the "leapfrogger" came to the end of the aisle, he or she would cross to the next aisle and start over.

As we counted, items that were in the wrong section or wrong aisle were pulled out and placed in baskets to be moved to their correct places. Empty boxes were placed on the floor to be picked up by me as I pushed a trolley around in between counting things.

With quite a few of us counting things proceeded fairly quickly.
Especially with bigger items such as large bags of dog food, laundry baskets etc.
Oddly enough there was only one round laundry basket, but a stack of ten lids......

The freezer section was awkward because of the cold. Some of the counters wore jackets and gloves, the rest of us did without. Imagine counting umpteen packets of frozen peas.
(To get an idea of how our fingertips felt, go and put yours in between packets of frozen veg in your home freezer for a few minutes until you can't feel them.)

The worst sections to count are the aisles with many small items.
Canned fish for example.
There's tuna and then there's tuna.
Tuna in brine; tuna in springwater, salt reduced tuna; tuna in olive oil; tuna in canola oil; tuna with lemon and cracked pepper; tuna with mayonnaise and sweetcorn; tuna with this; tuna with that...........all of these repeated in different brands and different sizes, then a similar smaller section with salmon.
Pink salmon; red salmon.
Herrings; sardines; anchovies.
Prawns; crabmeat.

Next time you're shopping, take a closer look at the items you're buying. See the enormous variety. (Imagine a few dozen cans that are in the wrong spot and have to be added in if their section is already counted. Bit of a nightmare? It could be, but with so many of us counting it wasn't too bad.)

By the time I left at 10am, (I'm still only working 4 hours a day), probably three quarters of the store's items had been counted.

I think we were doing pretty well.

Let me tell you about counting the big boxes of laundry powder.

I pulled them out to be sure they were all the same, because there are now boxes for front loader machines and boxes for top loader machines and they look almost exactly alike......anyway, behind a stack of boxes, I spied a cellophane packet with something black inside.
I thought, hmmm, shoelaces, and reached in to pull it out.

It wasn't shoelaces.
The label on the packet read fresh coriander.
Well, it sure as heck wasn't fresh anymore.
Black and liquefied, it splashed and dripped on my pants and shirt as well as on the floor and the shelf underneath it. Luckily there was a roll of paper towel nearby for cleanups, so I mopped up the mess quickly.
God only knows how long it had been there.
(Probably not all that long, but without refrigeration it went bad pretty quickly.)
And here is something I don't understand.
Why put a fresh produce item that you've changed your mind about buying on a shelf, behind all the other items on that shelf, way at the other end of the store?
The checkouts are right near the fresh produce section....take it with you and put it back.

(I washed my clothes within minutes of getting home.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Selections #7

Sunday Selections is in week #7 already!
My, how time flies....

Sunday Selections comes to us via Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, who devised this clever way of having us look through our unpublished photo files to find images we can post on a Sunday.

My theme this week is rainbows.

A rainbow of T-shirts.

A rainbow of pencils.

A rainbow of summer sleepwear.

Circular rainbow. No beginning, no end. No pot of gold. *sigh* couldn't we all use one of those right now.

I even found a rainbow on my lounge room curtain.

Rainbows are one of my favourite things.
Want to join in the fun?
Simply select a previously unpublished photo (or a few) , post them under the Sunday Selections title, then go over to Kim's and add your name to the link.
So very easy. If I can do it, anyone can.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the triple pee Saturday

Physio; Pain and Pumpkins.

Yesterday the physio did the usual pressure on the trigger points thing, then did something new. He had me relax my arm, then he held the shoulder and elbow and manouvered the arm to see what range of movement the shoulder has.

Now, at work and at home, I don't have too much trouble doing things anymore, most of the movements I would normally make, I can do.
But there are movements the shoulder should be able to make, and it just can't. He said, "there's a definite block isn't there?"
I still can't put my hand up behind my back and there's a rotation problem. Since I don't plan on bowling any cricket balls any time soon, that's not bothering me. Of course if I decide to start swimming, I could be in I guess I'll stick with wading and floating.

I'll keep up with the exercises and see how things go.
My regular review doctor said it may be a case of this is as good as it gets and I may face permanent work restrictions. He may be right.

Pain; in my foot. More specifically, heel pain. I've had this for a few years now, off and on. A lovely lady at the Athlete's Foot, (shoe shop), said I had fallen arches and recommended orthotics to support the arch. I have two pairs, one much more firm than the other, neither works very well, I still have heel pain on and off. I thought maybe I had a heel spur, but wouldn't that hurt all the time? I should probably get an x-ray to be sure....but when the heel pain disappears, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, I forget about x-rays. Today, it's a real pain in the.......well, the heel.

Pumpkins. My pumpkin vines haven't done as well as I hoped. The female flowers both died. I did notice that after I trimmed the growing tips, new growth began at the base of two of the vines. So After work today, I went out there with the secateurs, and cut the vines drastically. There are now three much, much shorter vines, two with new growth and one that I'm hoping will develop new growth. I'm going to toss out the pollen I collected and make a complete fresh start.
And white fly? O.M.G. I've never seen so many! I'll have to get up to the nursery and buy some of those sticky yellow traps for them.
On the plus side, I have many baby miniature capsicums growing out there. They're all still green and only about a half inch long so far, the different colours will reveal themselves in time. And of course I'll take photos.

So, that's my Saturday. How's yours?

Friday, February 18, 2011

what did I learn today?

I learned that I can't hold an umbrella against the wind and rain with one hand, while steering my granny trolley with the other hand.

I need both hands on the trolley.
So I got a little damp. Then I got wet.
Then the heavens opened.

Thank goodness I was on my way home by then, so could change into dry clothes.

I learned that a mammogram, while still painfully uncomfortable, is a little less so after losing most of the spare tyre that hung around just under the boobs.
The other spare tyres, waist and hips are stubbornly refusing to move.

I learned that the Family Court building has pretty comfortable chairs to sit in while the papers you've just filed are read, stamped, photocopied.

I learned that the chinese food I chose for lunch was filling enough to see me right through the afternoon without needing a snack of any kind. I'm only just now beginning to feel like I should start cooking dinner, at 6:42pm.

I learned that I can pass Swiss Glory without buying any chocolate, but on the second pass, well....I'd just filed divorce papers, so I celebrated.

I bought this milk chocolate valentine heart.

And these two truffles.

Champagne bubble on the left, coated in icing sugar; raspberry truffle on the right, coated in milk chocolate, with darker stripes.

Raspberry Truffle.

Champagne Bubble.

Now I'd better get cooking. I promised myself these would be dessert.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

look at me !! I'm famous!! (alternate title - Bragging)

Sort of.


Okay - not.

But I am featured in our local free newspaper this week.


It's a story about me and the beehive I found and photographed.

(crosses fingers and hope the link works).

Just in case you can't make out the text, here it is:-

Bee prepared

Maylands was abuzz last month and Elsie Hanlin was on hand to capture it.
The Maylands resident is a keen photographer and spotted a beehive nestled in a meter box at the Dover Street roundabout.

"I could hear the bees and *see them buzzing, so I walked over and the (meter box) lid was off," Ms Hanlin says.
"They were building a hive and there were two big honeycomb pieces just covered in bees."
Ms Hanlin submitted one of her photos to the East Torrens Messenger's online Summer Holidays photo gallery.

She can often be seen strolling the streets, camera in hand, snapping away at rooflines, shadows or a cheeky cat.
"I take photos of anything that pops into my head. I don't have a particular theme. "

So there's my picture, for everyone to see, (and my name too, which I wasn't quite ready to reveal yet.) But what the heck, it's done now.

The story has one mistake, I sent them four photos, not one. They chose a good one, but it didn't come out well in the size they used. To See better photos, click on the link above, (beehive), and see the all photos I posted there.

*see them buzzing? Hmmm.
I think they meant hear them buzzing and see them flying about.

I'm so picky aren't I?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the pumpkin saga

We all know I've been trying to grow pumpkins.
I have three vines, each potentially capable of growing three to four 3 kilo pumpkins.
I didn't know about trimming the growing tips to encourage female flowers to bloom, so I'd been collecting pollen from the male flowers with a soft makeup brush, like this one here. See the yellow specks of pollen?

This, below, is the inside of a male flower. See the fuzzy pollen?

Here is the pollen from several flowers,

I've been keeping it in a glass, waiting for the female flowers. Hoping it would stay viable, not knowing how long it would keep, if at all.

Below is the inside of a female flower. After trimming the growing tips, two of these developed.
But there weren't any male flowers left!
So I brought the glass and brush outside and brushed pollen into the two flowers.

The female flowers have a swelling at the base, this is the part that develops into a pumpkin if the flower is successfully pollinated.

Three days later, I went outside to check. The flower had closed and was dying, as it does, unfortunately, the base was yellowing, so also dying. My hand pollination was unsuccessful.

I'm not sure if I did it wrong, too late, too early, or if the saved pollen was too old.
I'll wait for new flowers and try again.

Here's another view of the flower.

And one last shot. Pretty aren't they?