Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

airport dry run

Today I took a little bus trip.
Followed by another little bus trip.

To the airport.

I don't travel much, usually somewhere local, by bus.
Or I'm taken somewhere by a family member in a car.

So I'm unfamiliar with our local airport.

Since I'll be there very early on the morning of March 18th, (my flight is at 8:40am), and I'm likely to be only half awake, I need to know where I'm going so that I don't get on the wrong plane and end up in India.

What??? It happens to luggage......(ending up in Canada wouldn't be so bad, at least I could speak the language).

I wandered around in the terminal for quite a while.

I saw the check-in area and the security screening area, which I had to walk through to get to the boarding gates and general waiting area. I took off my glasses, (metal) and watch, (metal) and put them in a plastic tray with my backpack, then walked through the gate and waited for it to come through the screening tunnel. I have no idea what that thing is actually called.

Now I was in the shopping mall area of the terminal.
Apart from being light, bright and spacious, it really is just like a shopping mall. Without a supermarket.
There's bottle shops, a newsagent that also sells novels, one of which I plan to buy to read on the plane, a Cibo's, a Hungry Jacks, a couple of souvenir shops selling exclusively Australian stuff, a couple of Cafes, oooh, there's a Cocolat cafe, I love their stuff!!

There's a sunglasses shop, very expensive, a jewellery shop, ditto, even a Smiggles which shares space with costume jewellery.
Aaaannd.......a Dreamy Donuts shop. I'm guessing this is Adelaide's answer to Krispy Kremes.
I picked up a leaflet so I could study the available flavours at home, over coffee.

We have Traditional Cinnamon; Strawberry; Tiara Maria & Hazelnuts; Milk Chocolate Dream; Caramel; Dark Chocolate Dream; Coffee Cream Tiramisu; White Chocolate Dream; Raspberry Jam; Classic Custard; Apple Crumble; Choc Caramel; Double Choc Mousse; Strawberry Cream; Raspberry White Choc; Milk Chocolate and Custard. And the Traditional Glazed.
I didn't take notice of any prices except for a cheesecake one (which isn't on the leaflet). $3:60.
Possibly the unfilled ones are a little cheaper.

Okay, hands up who is searching their fridge/pantry right now for hidden donuts?
Nobody??? Hmmmm............

Dreamy Donuts also does "Occasion Cakes", which are towers of donuts that have themed icing, for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Graduation and Valentines Day.
There's no price listed for these, but you get a choice of tower sizes, 22 donuts; 39 donuts; 62 donuts or 91 donuts.

After browsing through the novels at the newsagent, I wandered over to the big windows where I could see some of the planes. There was a huge Singapore Airlines jet parked nose in and several other smaller planes, most of them Qantas, which looked a bit like toys next to the big one.

At either end of the terminal are the boarding gates with the counters where you show your ticket and boarding pass. I already have my ticket, bought online, printed and stashed safely in my safe. I'll get the boarding pass on the day. It'll be one more new experience.

There were quite a few people sitting and waiting, either for their flight or for people coming to Adelaide and the cafes were doing quite a bit of business, with Hungry Jacks having the most customers. There's even a Chinese Food place, oh wait, maybe it's a Thai cafe, because I remember seeing Pad Thai on the menu board.

By now I'd seen everything there was to see, had located the toilets, and decided I might as well come on home.

So I headed back out to the bus stop and got back into the city just in time to see my bus home pulling away from the stop, which meant a 15-20 minute wait for the next one.
Not a big problem, Haighs Chocolate shop is right nearby, about 10-15 metres, so I went there to browse and buy while I waited.

Now I'm home telling you all about my day.

Tomorrow? Back to work, ugh!

P.S. I'm still having neck and shoulder issues, so I won't be bringing my Police Line Shoulder bag.
It'll be my regular small backpack to spread the weight evenly instead of having the other bag hanging off only one shoulder.


  1. Thanks a million, donuts and Haigh's and I have nothing, not even a licorice allsort.
    If Kath had bought the house up the road from me I could have run in and rifled her choc cupboard.
    Come to think of it, it's a good thing she is on the opposite side of the city from me.
    Because of my dingaling knees I have to get a special pass for the metal detectors.

  2. Just before my flight to San Francisco I went into the toilets and chanced having a smoke. I took about six quick puffs in a cubicle hoping an alarm wouldn't go off, then I butted it out putting the remainder in my pocket. At San Francisco I lit up the butt soon as I got outside, 16 hours is a long time without a smoke.

  3. Happy Saint Valentines.

    Read my poem to Miss Jahteh. It's a ripper.

  4. Well nothing like being prepared I guess. Although I have sat at the wrong gate once and nearly missed a flight. Not my fault they changed the gate last minute and I was too busy drinking overpriced champagne and chatting with the girls.

  5. I love the fact that the dry run has links to chocolate!

    And shout out to Jah Teh - you're welcome to - when your knees are undingled - to come over for a coffee and a riffle through my chocolate pantry any time you like.

    Back to you River - I'll be looking forward to reading about the Blog Conference from your perspective (I was too shy to go).....

  6. from a car-free but constant traveller
    Handy Public Transport Hint No.38: (for free)
    when you get off a bus anywhere, check the return timetable before leaving the bustop.
    write the times in biro on your Arm Pilot, then you know whether to dawdle or trot back.
    Hint No 39: get a 50c paperback from an opshop, instead of paying scary corrupt airport prices.
    Happy Trails dear meandering River.

  7. HOW do you manage to make even an AIRPORT sound so interesting?

  8. JahTeh; I'm sooo sorry. Shall I send you a donut?

    R.H. I can't relate, not being a smoker. I read your poem to JahTeh, it's good, I liked it.

    Baino; I heard quite a few calls for gate changes while I was there, but not clearly, so I'm really going to have to pay attention.

    Kath; You're not going???? what's this excuse about being shy? I'm ten times more shy than you are. You're the person who talks to people on buses and knocks on doors to get an answer to a mystery!! I was looking forward to seeing you there.

    ann O'Dyne; I have a stack of bus timetables at home. Whenever I'm going anywhere I look up times for going and coming home, also the number of the bus I'm catching and how long the trip should take, then I make notes and put them in my pocket. Then I stash the timetables in my bag, just in case. I'll probably borrow a book from the local library.

    Toni; I'm clever.....and they had a donut shop.

  9. Thank you River, make that one donut and a dozen assorted Haigh's.