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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disqus, why I don't like it, won't use it.

An apology.

I'm having a little trouble lately with some of the blogs I love to read.

They've switched to Disqus, for the comments section.
The effect of Disqus, on my slow dial up connection, is to slow down the loading of the blog and also the comments section.

Once the blog has loaded, reading is still a bit difficult, as the pages no longer scroll smoothly, instead jerkily paging up or down, with an occasional blank screen while it decides what to do.

If I have plenty of time and a few other small things that need doing, I'll put up with it, so that I can read what one of my favourites has written.
While the page loads, I can make a cup of coffee, fold some laundry, sweep a floor or two.
No big deal.

If I'm in a hurry, I'll skip over to the next blog instead.

The comments section is the real problem.
It takes much longer to appear, (for me), than the blog post itself.
Then I'll click my cursor in the comments box, wishing to leave a comment.
It takes a while for the blinking little cursor to appear, indicating the comment box will now accept my comment.

Then I'll start typing.
Nothing appears, so I can't see mistakes I may be making...
My comment doesn't appear until a minute or so after typing is completed. The longer the comment, the longer it takes to appear. On one blog I was leaving quite a long comment about how I don't like Disqus, and when I finished typing it out I waited over twenty minutes for the words to appear. Then I gave up and shut down the computer and emailed the blog owner instead.

I have persevered on occasion, with leaving a comment, but really, it's a hassle.
Type the comment, wait for it to appear.
Correct any mistakes I may have made.
Then click on the "post as" box and wait.
Waiting, waiting,

Finally a window appears where I can enter my name, my email address, my website address.

Click "post." Wait. Wait some more.

Eventually my comment appears in the thread along with all the other comments left by others.

Now for the apology part.
To all of you out there who have Disqus; I'll read your posts when I can, because I love all of your writings and enjoy the photos you put up.
But I won't be leaving any comments.
Unless I have plenty of time on my hands.
The frustration waiting for things to load on my snail-slow system is just too much.



  1. What a hassle! Good on you for persevering past the second time, I would have given up long ago.

  2. My comments tend to appear, then disappear.

    Sometimes I get a good telling off as well.

    But then I go back, fool me, I can't stop it, they enjoy it too much.

  3. Disqus hates me. It never loads, or if it does, it glitches out on my. And I've got broadband now, so it's not even like I've got the dialup issues anymore.

  4. Toni; I've given up on it now.

    R.H. A good telling off never did anyone any harm.

    Veronica; so it's not just dial up issues? That's a relief.

  5. Oh, I'm SO with you on this issue, River! I LOATHE Disqus!! I have wireless and a small Netbook, but don't have trouble with leaving any comments - except Disqus. Loading is ALWAYS a problem, it never remembers my details, it often aborts part way through and I don't like the way the comments display. Apart from that, OK!!

  6. I've no trouble even with mobile wireless broadband, maybe you should check your settings, it's just thought :-)

  7. Red Nomad OZ; I have no trouble on other sites either, it's just the Disqus.

    Windsmoke; From the above comments, with others experiencing the same difficulty, I don't think the problem lies with my settings. All other sites that don't have Disqus are fine.

  8. Agree with you River! I'm getting sick of having to write my email, full name and blog address every bloody time too.

  9. I've no problem through mobile wireless broadband, perhaps you should make sure your settings

  10. I don't think the problem lies with my settings. All other sites that don't have Disqus are fine.

  11. Yeah seems like Disqus is no good.I cant even seem to comment on sites using the Discus system anymore.I try clicking on the comment box to make a comment waiting for the blinking little cursor to appear,and absolutely nothing happens.

    I give up,im not going to even bother anymore.

  12. I have to agree. On my ps3 browser, with lightning-fast Japanese broadband, disqus still fails to, load and on my 36 our wifi-connected Android that loathsome thing slows the site no end. I've actually removed blogs, rss feeds etc from my news reader app if they use disqus(t).

    I've noticed a few sites have reverted back to alternate reply systems our given the option to view replies from a non-disqus source, which is good.

  13. I never had trouble posting comments to Fox News stories until Disqus was added.

    After logging onto Fox, comments by other people are visible but the comment box no longer appears anywhere on the screen. Are we required to register with Disqus before posts are allowed?

    -- BarbT