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Monday, February 28, 2011

finally! dry underarms!

Over the years...many, many years....I've tried many different anti-perspirant deodorants.
Roll-ons, sprays, extra strength, super strength, 24 hour protection, active, sport, even all the men's varieties of the same, because apparently men sweat more than women, so their anti-perspirant deodorants must be stronger.....right?

None were very successful. For a while I used Mitcham spray anti-perspirant, and it worked. Then it was discontinued, so I switched to the roll-on variety of Mitcham. It worked. For a while. Then it was "new and improved" and it no longer worked as well. Even worse, it didn't dry upon application. I was walking around with my arms raised for at least 5 minutes waiting for those underarms to dry. Longer in winter.

So I went back to sprays. At least they dried straight away. Even if my underarms were sticky by the time I got to work, requiring a second application.

Recently, I heard about this---->

Rexona Clinical Protection, and wanted to try it. I couldn't see it on the supermarket shelf, so assumed it was a chemist item, therefore priced out of my budget.

Then, last Saturday, there it was! A friend told me it had been there for a couple of weeks.
(I must be going blind in my old age.)

Well, naturally I bought it. Because it was on special.
Not at the full price. And don't we all love a bargain?

Wetness and odour protection. For 48 hours! Hmmm, we'll see....
Odour has never been a problem, but the wetness?
Some days I could wring out my shirt, it gets that damp.

Instructions are in the box. There's a little wheel thingy at the bottom, which you turn until it clicks. Then keep turn/clicking until the cream appears at the top. After that, two clicks are usually enough for an application, according to the instructions.

According to the instructions, the cream is applied at night before bed, as the lower sleeping temperature of the body helps with the absorption of the active ingredient. When applied, it's dry. Immediately. And stays dry.
I applied it Saturday night, woke up Sunday morning and decided to not apply any more, to see how long the protection would last. All day. This is looking good.
This morning,still good. But, knowing I was going to be doing a little running around town, I applied a little more. And stayed dry all day.

This was the reduced "special" price. Still too expensive for my budget, but I wasn't buying much in the way of groceries, so I thought what the heck...

The real test comes tomorrow, when I'm walking to work, running around the store all day, (okay 4 hours), then walking home again. If I'm dry through all that, then the high price is worth it and I'll buy it again.
Because I do enjoy dry underarms.
Yes, there is a men's version too.


  1. I drip big time so I will be really, really interested to hear how you go on a busyish day. Fingers crossed.

  2. Don't you just HATE it when you find a great product just before it's discontinued??? I reckon there's a fortune going begging for an entrepreneur who can supply all those products we love but can't find any more!!

    PS Come see if it'll keep you dry on my 'round the world' adventure!

  3. I buy a spray from Redwin Industries which is local and no aluminium. Everything else I'm allergic to.

    Except pretty black shoes with flowers, want!

  4. I use Mitchum roll on. While it doesn't dry in a hurry, it doesn't really matter to me. My back maybe wet with sweat after driving home when the car has in the sun all day, aircon notwithstanding, my underarms are dry.

  5. How do you live -pay rent and everything, when you only work four hours a day?

  6. Elephant's Child; You'll be pleased to hear that after working reasonably busily then walking home again, my underarms are still comfortably dry.

    Red Nomad OZ; I've had that with so many things. Favourite soap, the flyspray that doesn't make me sneeze, moisturiser tat doubled then tripled in price within a year of me discovering it.

    JahTeh; I've heard that aluminium isn't good for the body, but antiperspirants that contain it keep me so much drier. Unfortunately it's not in many deodorant sprays and roll-ons anymore.

    Andrew; I used Mitchum for years, then one summer it was ineffective.

    R.H. I have a Centrelink allowance too, and kids who help out if I need it.