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you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the toilet was pristine for about five seconds

Isn't that always the way?

You spend an hour scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom;

dust free tub,

toothpaste-spatter free basin,

sparkling shower. Well, as sparkling as a forty year old shower can be.

Even the toilet was white and shiny, just like the ads on the TV.

Because of course I use Harpic White and Shine, just like those TV mums do.
What? Doesn't everyone? The TV says we should......
Ha Ha

And you know what?
Five seconds after I'd put away all the cleaning gear, I had to wee.
Hmmm, wonder if I've got enough toilet paper.......


  1. Ha! Pristine white toilets? At home we've got bore water, and on the road ... well, not so many public toilets are white!! Be grateful you got 5 mins!!

  2. Might that be a non water saving shower head I can spy? Perhaps you have flow restrictors fitted. Ours are not water saving heads. I hate them. I'd rather have a quick and enjoyable shower than a longer one where you have to dance around to get wet and you freeze without the strong blast of hot water.

  3. I am jealous. Our toilets and handbasins never look that good. And the toilets often have cat footprints leading into the bowl because Jazz prefers toilet water - when he isn't lapping at the floor in the shower. All designed to make me look mean. He does have fresh water I promise.

  4. Red Nomad OZ; I can well imagine the state of many public toilets. Ewww.

    Andrew; You're right, it isn't a water saving shower head. I did put one in, but like you couldn't stand not being able to get properly wet. Especially when it comes to washing my hair, trying to rinse out the shampoo with that soft half-flow was next to impossibleand took three times as long, so I really wasn't saving any water. I changed back to a regular shower head. Now I can wash myself, shampoo my hair and still be out of the shower in 4 minutes. Much less if I don't wash my hair.

    The Elephant's Child; welcome to drifting. Cats are funny aren't they? I have a neighbour's cat who visits my yard to drink from the grotty dish of water I leave out for birds and lizards. When I clean the dish, she won't come anywhere near it.

  5. You expecting a toilet paper shortage? LOL

  6. You've cornered the Toilet Paper market. Are you expecting a shortage of Toilet Paper or do you have shares in the company that makes 'em :-).

  7. Ah River, do what I do - use the toilet first, then add the toilet duck to ooze on down the insides of the bowl and whilst that's happending jump in the shower. When you're washing yourself you can also grab a scourer and scrub the base of the bath and the tiles...

    ...then, when you're clean and so is the shower, you climb out, dry yourself off and scrub the loo. Nude if you're like me or dressed if you're not.

    Then clean your teeth, put on moisturiser etc and then wipe down the basin.

    Ta Daaaa - you're clean and so is the smallest room of the house!

    You're welcome

  8. Beet; I'm a bulk buyer from way back. Something I copied from my mum. When you have four kids and all their friends over during school holidays, you don't want to be running out of TP.

    Windsmoke; Nope, just don't like to be caught short. What if all you bloggers dropped in sudenly for tea and scones?

    Kath; I can't clean the shower while I'm in it anymore. It's too slippery and I have enough sore parts without breaking an ankle or wrist. Besides, I've had the routine for years now and I quite like it.