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Sunday, August 14, 2011

am I a whizz at unpacking?

Why yes, yes I am.

 I started with this.....(notice the bed is already made; first priority)

 and this.....(method in the madness, can't shower until these are put away)

 this....I've lost a whole cabinet from the kitchen. It's on the back porch.

A bit more of the bathroom/laundry chaos.

Now I have this...

 dvd's unpacked, TV set up and working....

 ...most of the kitchen stuff stashed in the available cupboards...

 the laundry/bathroom is looking respectably tidy.

And look at this!!   Bookshelves behind the bedroom door!!
I'm not sure if the original purpose of these shelves was for books, but they're the perfect height and depth, so that's what I'm using them for.
This frees up a couple of bookshelves in the lounge so I can fill them with even more dvd's. Eventually.

There's still a lot of tweaking to be done, things have been shoved just anywhere, so there'll be weeks of sorting and rearranging. But that's the sort of thing I like to do, so I'll be happily occupied.


  1. Oh, my comment is lost. Where did it go?

  2. You're home!!! That's how we always did it...a place to sleep first/then a place to pee/then a place to cook...after that it will just fall into place on its own. good work. Your new place looks like a cozy nest.

  3. I LOVE IT! This place does NOT look like somewhere some dude left bunches o' bird poop.

  4. Beautiful.

    Getting the bulk of it done is always a big relief, then you can tweak it how you like as you go & as you get the feel for the place. Nothing worse than having packing boxes sitting round untouched for months after you move (ahem ....).

  5. well done! I am liking that idea of a shelf behind the door. And what plenty of books you got!

  6. Impressive River, very very impressive.




  7. From what i can gather from the photos its not a bad looking place, just the right size for you to rest your weary bones :-).

  8. That must be the most organised and record breaking move I've ever seen!
    The new place looks nice :)

  9. Oh Wow. You are an unpacking dynamo. And I love the colours in your lounge.

  10. Welcome home River xxxx ps your speed and efficiency is VERY impressive!

  11. Andrew; faded away into the ether....

    Delores; it is quite cosy here. I'm just realising how draughty my old home must have been.

    Happy Elf; most of the bird mess is inside the cupboards, there's even caked on bird seed on the internal hinges of the kitchen cupboards. UGH!!

    Sleepydwarf; I do like to get things stashed away ASAP, then get rid of the's much easier to sort things into their permanent homes without tripping over boxes.

    Joni Llanora; Sadly, that's only half of my books. I dispatched a large number to the local Goodwill stores. I'm in love with the shelves.

    Plasman; thank you.

    Windsmoke; it's a good size. When I first saw it from the outside it looked tiny, but inside there seems to be plenty of room. Like Dr Who's TARDIS.

    Jayne; just call me Mrs Zippy. It is a nice place.

    EC; I like bright colours, and since I can't paint walls, (because I'm renting), I choose to surround myself with colours in my furnishings.

    Sarah; I've always been a quick person. Thanks.

  12. Will there be a house warming?
    Will there be a roast?
    Eviction next morning
    The arse on toast.


    A poet is always topical, he keeps up with the latest, that's his job, the past is gossip.

  13. Looks like a nice and airy apartment. I'm like you , have to get sorted same day I move in. Can't stand all that stuff loitering around. Home sweet home huh? Certainly looks like it, I hope you're happy there.

  14. R.H. No housewarming, I'm not the partying type, but feel free to send housewarming gifts....

    Baino; it is Home Sweet Home and I'm happy here.

  15. Wow! I SO admire your skills - maybe there's a whole new career opportunity going begging? There must be scores of people (tell me I'm not alone!!!) who LOATHE unpacking and would pay someone else to do it neatly???