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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

crappy carpet

When I first moved in here, I noticed the carpet had some ugly and large stains on it.
Now that I'm moving out, I need to get the carpet steam cleaned.
The property manager requires a receipt as proof.

I'll have it done, but after eight and a half years, the already old and worn carpet is even more worn and not looking so good.

In spite of me trying various spot cleaners, the stains remain.
The footpaths around items of furniture and from room to room are very trodden down.
I'm not sure they'll ever be revived.
I'm fairly sure this is the original carpet, installed when the unit was built.
Sometime around 300BC.

I've also noticed, over the last eight and a half years, that this particular carpet, doesn't like to let go of its dirt. I can vacuum for hours in multiple directions, and still have to crawl around afterwards on my hands and knees picking up bits that cling to the carpet.

For these reasons I am very, very, grateful that there is no carpet in the new flat.

Moving on......I've emailed a cleaning crew to give me a quote on an end-of-lease clean.
I found out which company my property managers have used and liked in the past and decided to use them.
This way the required standards should be met.
(I want my bond money back!)

I didn't ask for details about the service, whether or not they include such things as steam cleaning of carpet, washing windows, cleaning exhaust fans etc.
I'm hoping they do include those things.

I'll send another email and ask, because if they don't include these things, I'll be washing the windows myself, and I so don't want to.


  1. Waah, this post needs a picture! I want Pharoah or someone posing with your carpet installers...

  2. How ridiculous. What about fair wear and tear? The carpet is probably buggered anyway and needs replacing.
    Don't waste your money hiring people, clean it up yourself a bit, a thorough job is the landlord's responsibility. How much is your bond?

  3. I think RH is right. Don't exhaust yourself or pay mega bucks. If the amount the cleaners are charging is more than your bond (and the way cleaners charge at the moment it could well be) do a reasonable clean yourself and call it quits.

  4. Happy Elf; Sorry, no pics were available from that era. None with carpet anyway.

    R.H. I'll vacuum like crazy and see how it comes up. But a letter from the property manager states a steam clean receipt is required as proof of cleaning. Bond is quite a lot, not worth losing.

    Veronica; you haven't kept up have you?

    EC; I don't plan on paying mega bucks. I'm getting a quote first, if that's too high, I'll hire one of those machines from a supermarket and steam the carpet. I'll be laid up for a week after, but the savings will be worth it. Everything else is already clean enough.

  5. I think we have the same carpet! My house is a sixties suburban and is in 'original state'.
    Hope you can get something reasonable because those cleaners from the supermarket are full on exhausting.

  6. The other good thing about having a steam clean receipt is that you've fulfilled the conditions of your lease and cleaned the carpet. Stain removal is superfluous, and so is paying for wear and tear. Go straight to the SAHT if there's any funny business - some landlords will try it on on the off chance you don't know your rights. Good luck!!

  7. What a good tenant you are to try so hard to leave everything clean. I can't tell you how many times in our pre "we own the house" phase we moved into a rental that was absolutely filthy. You sound like every landlords dream.

  8. Sarah; there's a lot of that crappy carpet in rentals all over Australia.

    Red Nomad; all I'm after is the receipt.

    Delores; I've been loved by every landlord I've ever had.

  9. No wonder your landlord loves you and they should, if they have a shred of humanity, be fine with stains and wear and tear - after all it's been eight years and the carpet was ancient when you moved in.

  10. ahhhhhhh carpet........we have tiles all through the house except for the bedrooms where there is very pretty CREAM carpet with roses on is the bane of my shows up EVERY mark and is such a pain to clean.

    hope your move goes well

  11. No one should be allowed to own more than one dwelling, ie: the dwelling they live in.

  12. No fair. I hope you get a super cheap quote and good job done. And Now I'm going to back read to catch up on the details of your move!

  13. Ah doing the same thing at the moment only before my son moves into his new flat. I'm amazed at how real estate agents don't ensure places are clean before new tenants move in. Iswear all they've done is vacuum the carpet the rest needs a super scrub.

  14. R.H. Not all of them.

    Kath; the original stains are listed on the tenancy form I filled out along with the few wall cracks etc. As long as I hand over a cleaning receipt I'll be fine. I usually leave a place cleaner than when I moved in.

    Peskypixies; Cream with roses?? Oh Dear God! Rip it up immediately and put down tiles with rugs that you can toss in the washing machine. I have sheet lino in my new home.

    Sarah; I hope the quote isn't too high. I'm prepared to pay a certain amount, but over that and I might have them do just the carpet instead. I can do windows, I'd just prefer not to have to.

    Baino; It's amazing how different our idea of clean is to theirs. for them, it's a quick vacuum and wipe out the sink. For me, and probably you too, it's a floor to ceiling scrubbing in every room.

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