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Monday, August 22, 2011

the evidence

Remember I said the previous tenant kept birds?
Check this>

 Spilled, caked on birdseed on the internal hinges in the wardrobe (and in the kitchen cabinets too)

Unspeakable grunge that I had to scrape off the floor of the top-of-wardrobe section. I think it was glue that held the cages in place.

Bird droppings everywhere. This one on the bathroom windowsill in the enclosed back porch.

 How about my rangehood? Looks nice and clean?

Look inside, down through the grill. More birdseed. How the heck am I supposed to clean that out? The vacuum doesn't reach in there.

 One of the many cobwebs I've since swept away.

Plaster dust left in corners and on windowsills.

Thank goodness it's done now.

Just have to sweep the dusty cobwebs off the front porch light.


  1. Ewwwww. I can't imagine (don't want to imagine) what you are doing to get birdseed inside a range hood.

    It sounds like you have done a really, really good job in getting it spick and span.

  2. Hi River,

    URRGGHHH!!! I'm very squeamish about things like that - I echo your comment "Thank goodness its done now".




  3. EC; wasn't me; the birdseed was dropped in there by the birds that lived here. I'd love to clean it out, but I've never had a range hood before so don't know how to take one apart.

    Plasman; I'm not at all squeamish, but I am disgusted at the previous tenant for leaving the mess.

  4. Sorry, I knew it was the previous tenant. What I meant was I didn't understand what he or his birds were doing. Under the rangehood is not where I envisage feeding birds.

  5. EC; I'm pretty sure the birds would sit on the top of the kitchen cabinets and eat, so the birdseed would just drop there when they spilled some, as birds do. As far as I can work out, the birds were allowed to roam free throughout the flat, there's little feathers and bits of seed in odd places. Even though I've cleaned I'm still finding bits.

  6. Can your vacuum blow as well as suck? Messy, but blow the seed out from wherever it is trapped.

  7. Andrew; I've never tried that, I'm not sure it can blow. Probably can't haul it up a step ladder either....I'll check with a shop that sells rangehoods and see if they can tell me how to clean it.

  8. If you take the filters out you will likely expose the fan which is pulling air through those may be able to get your crevice tool from the vacuum up there then, or maybe a swiffer duster on a handle. Just a thought. Looks like you have done wonders with the place. The landlord won't recognize it.

  9. Absolutely gross and disgusting. Ring the landlord and have him arrange to have it cleaned because that's certainly a health hazard :-).

  10. Delores; I'll have a chat with someone at a place where they sell those things and find out for sure what to do and how to do it.

    Windsmoke; it's public housing, the "landlord" is the South Australian Housing Commission.

  11. I'm amazed that they gave you an apartment in this condition. This is absolutely disgusting. I'm sure it looks 1000% better, but this is not how you should have spent your vacation!! :(

  12. Can you use your hair dryer on low to blow seeds out of range hood.

    Write a letter of complaint to agent with enclosed photos (keep a copy) ask them to add it to your lease so when you vacate you are guaranteed to get all your bond back.

    Hope this helps.