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Friday, August 5, 2011

I knew they'd come in handy one day

Those environmentally friendly "green" shopping bags.
The ones that are sold by the thousand in supermarkets all over SA.

I have quite a few, as in the beginning, I thought they were a fantastic alternative to the plastic shopping bags we used to use for groceries.
So I bought a few to use, then a few more, then I bought the"chiller" bags, insulated with a zip closure.
They keep the food cool on the way home in the summer, and keep the rain off when walking home in the winter with my "granny trolley.

Well today, I dragged the pile of bags out from the back room and started emptying my pantry into them.
Now, I knew I had a lot of stuff, but this is ridiculous!
I've filled 12 of these bags and still have one cupboard untouched!
(Then there's all the laundry stuff, detergents etc. That's already in bags from when I bought the bulk supply when things were on special. So that's another four bags.)

I still have to pack the fridge and freezer contents into chiller bags on the last day.

So now I have a plan.

Once I've moved, I'll eat all that stuff and only shop for absolute essentials.
Bread, milk, fruit and veg.
And toilet paper.
No more bulk buying.
There just isn't room for that sort of thing in the new flat.


  1. I kinda smiled when you said you were not going to buy in bulk. How many times I've made that vow only to break it. But then, my kids say, that since I'm a child of the depression I always have to have 2 of everything in the pantry.

  2. Bulk buying. I can't say I've ever been into that. My poor husband stands in front of the fridge and the cupboards and moans, "there is never anything to eat in this house." One thing I do have a wee bit of a stock of is toilet paper/kleenex/paper towels and paper serviettes. can never have too much paper.

  3. WOW, I love that you buy in bulk and there is still so much left. You may not have to shop from much for quite a while once you move. I hope the move goes really well. xxx

  4. Since it's just you to cook for you may wish to make a list of the things you have/ can make and then prepare a "menu" once you get organized. I'm glad at least that unexpected expense won't pop up. :)

  5. I cannot help but laugh as I use the 'green' shopping bags for storage at home and ask for plastic bags [which I re-use for rubbish] for shopping. Haha
    Good luck...

  6. I buy the essentials when i run out and only bulk buy when i need to which isn't often :-).

  7. So with you here. When we moved into this house I was appalled at how many boxes of food we packed. And was good for a while. And now we seem to be hoarding again. Aaaargh. Good luck with the move - getting close now.

  8. Manzanita; only two of everything? I'm the type who buys things by the dozen. That has to stop. I'll switch to two of everything.

    Delores; I stock up on toilet paper and tissues too. And soaps, detergents...I haven't had to buy laundry powder or dishwashing liquid for about three years and I still have plenty left that now has to be moved.

    Kakka; I'll only have to buy fresh things, like milk and bread, fruit and veg.

    Happy Elf; the menu is done. This week before the move, I'm eating from the freezer, after, I'll be making meals from the pantry. For about two months.

    Chez; So many people do that! I also know a few who buy a roll of garbage bags in the small size and use those for their shopping, then for their garbage.

    Windsmoke; I'm going to have to re-learn my shopping habits, but I'll probably always buy toilet paper in bulk. I just hate being caught without any.

    EC; Go through your pantry and make menus incorporating what you've hoarded.