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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I suspect I may be living in an internet black hole

You know those places where internet connections are iffy at best and nonexistent at worst?

Like this place.
My new home.
So many days now, when I try to connect, the little green light on my usb stick is red instead and page connections are so slow I could cook and eat a meal and then clean up the dishes while waiting for my emails to load.

Well, almost.

Today I've tried to connect three times, finally getting a green light just now at 9.35 pm.
Of course now I'm too tired to actually bother with surfing the web or reading blogs.

"No-one" has mentioned the problem may just be that there are too many homes too close together here in this complex that I now call home.
She could be right.
It may just be a case of finding the right time of day to turn on and connect with all my friends out there.
For most of this week, the ideal time has been around 5-5.30pm.
Last week it was around 7pm.

I'm going to start a diary type page in my notebook and see if there's an optimum time for each particular day. Maybe Wednesdays are always going to be 9.30, maybe weekends will be mornings......

This could seriously interfere with my nanna naps.......I may have to give them up.


  1. have you tried a different area of the house?

  2. I would be calling my internet service provider and DEMANDING better service. Dang straight I don't pay $150 every month for no connection and/or unuseable phones. That's just nuts.

  3. So annoying. I remember the early days of AOL. I'd have to wait until 2 or 3 AM to get online. And of course our computers were much slower back then, too. You have my sympathy.

  4. You need to find out where your nearest server is. I'm just outside the 5km radius where Telstra guarantee service. Sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's OK. Wireless can be dodgy at the best of times but generally, it's just shitty infrastructure and providers making excuses for overcrowded exchanges.

  5. A good idea would be to have your computer checked by a computer technician as it may have been damaged somehow in transit while moving, if everything is found to be ok contact your internet provider and complain i would :-).

  6. So, so frustrating. And I am joining the complain to your internet provider mob. They may even have some suggestions even if they don't admit guilt.

  7. I'm too impatient if my internet is so. Hope it gets better for you!

  8. So you got a commission flat? Didn't you say you had years to wait?
    How much is the rent?

  9. Delores; no I haven't tried a different area of the flat, I didn't even think of that. will do so tomorrow, although it seems to be fine right now, in the usual spot.

    Happy Elf; I'll give it a week or so and see how things go. It was really good for the first week.

    Manzanita; 2 or 3am? I'm so sound asleep then an earthquake wouldn't wake me. I might try it at that time though, one day, just to see if it makes any difference. I'll have to choose a night when I don't have work the next day.

    Baino; I probably should find out where my nearest server is. Not sure how though. I agree it's probably just shitty infrastructure.

    Windsmoke; the computer moved with me, in a handbag on my lap. I wasn't taking any chances with my pretty.

    EC; yes, frustrating, but then it behaves itelf just fine and I forget all about the hair tearing out moments. Until the next time...

    Sarah; You and me both. In this day and age how can it be that the internet isn't as fast and reliable as we expect it to be? Just like on TV.

    R.H. yes, a commission flat. Those "years" just flew by didn't they? The rent is less than half of what I was paying before.