Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

in case you were wondering....


 ...are pretty nice.
 Licorice Fruit Bites. By Fyna.
(I've had some before, but a different brand, and they weren't so nice.
All I could taste was artificial flavour and colour. Nothing at all to distinguish one colour from another.
Even the licorice didn't taste like licorice.)
But these ones above actually tasted like licorice! And the fruit flavours all tasted different!
There's pink, green, yellow and orange. They don't taste like real fruit, but they are still nice.
As with most things of this type, the pink colour (flavour?) is the best.

But this.....
....was even better.
Beef casserole with mashed potatoes.
With all the goings on involved with moving, I'd been eating things that didn't take much preparation or cooking.
Quick and easy.
Sandwiches, soup from the freezer....
For a week.
I was ready for some real food.
Mmmm, yumyumyum.


  1. I love licorice allsorts. These looks great. I get the carob covered ones and they are very tasty!

  2. The licorice allsorty things look very good. I have a big weakness for licorice but do not like the coloured ones. Licorice should be black. And stain your tongue.
    I had spinach and fetta pie in filo pastry for dinner. Also yum, though a bit of a pain to make. And definitely falling into the 'rarely' category of food with all that cheese and butter.

  3. Sarah; I don't like carob anything. Give me real chocolate!

    EC; I too prefer the black tongue staining licorice over the red. I don't think it comes in other colours...? I've never made spinach and fetta pie, although I often make spinach quiche.

  4. Ah...the first cooked meal in the new place.

    Have you ever had licorice allsorts? Or licorice pipes? Of course the pipes are not nearly the same as they were when I was a kid...but the allsorts still make me think of mom and dads card parties.

  5. OH I had some of those lollies the other day and I agree -- YUM. Also I would almost kill for a beef casserole and mash right now.

  6. Delores; I LOVE licorice allsorts and buy them several times a year.

    Toni; It's comfort food. Warming and satisfying.

  7. Just love the Licorice stick from Darrell Lea, Licorice allsorts and choco coated bullets yummmy :-).