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Saturday, August 27, 2011

little gardens everywhere

This is the driveway that leads in from the side street that I use as my entrance.
That's my flat on the right.

 The driveway goes right through the complex,

 past many more blocks of flats,

 and goes out to the main road, which is also an entrance. The main entrance.

 There are little gardens everywhere,

 even inside some of the secluded courtyards behind each block.

 This is a view of the garden I can see from my small front porch. It's mostly roses, geraniums and lavenders.

There's even a couple of seats under shady trees.

The blocks of flats lining the driveway on the main road side have very pretty gardens. I think the people have been living in those for a very long time. There are flowering bushes, green shrubs, pot plants and hanging baskets too. There's windchimes and other pretty ornaments either standing or hanging.
People have chairs and little tables on their side or back porches to sit at on a sunny afternoon.

As you can see it's a really pretty housing complex and I'm glad to be here.
I haven't met many of the others yet, but those I have met seem really friendly and nice.


  1. I love the silver birches and the garden you can see from your front porch looks great. Plenty of pleasant smelling things - always a bonus. And it is great that the neighbours you have met are nice.

  2. Gardens make such a difference - your block of units actually looks a little like a resort!! Hope it feels like one too ...

  3. I'm glad it has such a lovely outlook.

  4. It looks just lovely. I'm glad you are settling in.

  5. Andrew; I love the trees! I've always loved trees.

    EC; lots of "smell pretties" as I used to say when I was a toddler; unfortunately there's Jasmine in the next yard over. I just can't seem to get away from this deadly-to-me plant. Thank goodness for antihistamine!

    Red Nomad; I'm so glad there's gardens and not just block upon block of flats. Like those huge orange brick highrises that house four or five storeys with not a tree in sight. I couldn't stand that.

    A Farmer's Wife; me too, it's almost like a little village.

    Delores; thanks. I feel, very much at home already.

  6. The sun beams down on this tranquil spot. You are fortunate indeed to be living in this oasis of green.

  7. Gardens of Happiness. You will have a happy home when surrounded by gardens. Since I reworked my back yard into a lovely garden, I'm happy just to sit by the patio window and look at my garden. Thanks for the tour of the drive into your place.

  8. You're living in a paradise of many gardens :-).

  9. I love it... best of all YOU don't have to do the gardening!! :)

  10. Elisabeth; the sun certainly does beam down, right onto my front porch, in the window...lovely right now, but in the heat of summer I'll be thankful for the back porch which is enclosed with shadecloth.

    Manzania; gardens make me happy too, all the different flowers and colours, right now the ornamental trees along my side wall are just beginning to blossom.

    Windsmoke; close enough to paradise.

    Happy Elf; I thought that too! But I may eventually miss puttering around with my pots and veggies.