Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

moving is hell

My home looks so different now.




                                                    It's all in these,

                                                    and stacked over there.

There's not much left.
Just the essentials.
The Big Bang Theory dvd's.

A few clothes.
Crockery and saucepans.
The straw hat that I wear in the garden in the summer.
And the food.

Plus the giant economy pack of toilet paper.
I'm pretty sure that doesn't need to be packed in a box!
I think I'll take tomorrow off. (from packing)

Less than two weeks now...........


  1. I know the feeling.... Good luck with it all. Thinking of you.

  2. A Framer's Wife; thanks. It'll all be over soon enough.

  3. Lent me the big bang theory dvd

  4. I don't envy your job but when it's behind you, what a glorious feeling. When you kinda go through and toss out as you pack, you'll "unpack" with a feeling of freedom.

  5. Poor girl....never mind, it will be over soon and you will have the excitement of a fresh start. Jut hang in there. (I love Big Bang too. Sheldon is my favourite.)

  6. What about setting the camera for a delayed shot? One of you with the straw hat indoors back view as you pack?

  7. Aww River,

    I know the feeling - that's why I vowed not to move again (and hope that I can stick to that).

    I'm sure it will be okay.




  8. Can be a real nightmare if something goes wrong, hopefully not :-).

  9. Aaaargh. Its an awful feeling and astonishingly hard work. Taking a day off is a GREAT idea. Look after yourself. I am getting excited about your new place though.

    WV: sa(i)ne - and I really, really hope you maintain yours in all the rush

  10. You've done well to get so much done so quickly!
    Hope it goes smoothly for you :)

  11. BalimOz; lend The Big Bang Theory??? No No No!!
    It's my favourite show. It doesn't leave this house. Ever.

    Manzanita; I have a feeling there'll be even more tossing when I unpack.

    Delores; Sheldon is my favourite too, but I also like Howard. And Leonard.....and Penny, oh heck, everybody.

    Andrew; I haven't worked out how to do that yet. Anyway, I'd be unlucky enough to bend over at the wrong moment and instead of straw hat you'd get big behind.

    Plasman; I'm looking around ne at what still needs to be packed and feeling a little overwhelmed.

    Windsmoke; I'm understanding why people hire movers and packers to come in and do it all for them. It would be so much easier.

    EC; the only thing I packed today is the collapsible camp washing line. It was in the way, now it's stashed in a corner.

    Jayne; I started with packing things I don't use on a daily/weekly basis, plus photos and ornaments. It's easier to put those things out of sight.

  12. Poor you! I hate moving, and am dreading the day we have to move from this house. Good luck with it all!!!

  13. You're doing VERY well if you've still got a fortnight left - and when you do move into the new place you've have a bit of fun 'rediscovering' the stuff you packed in advance. :)

  14. Love that view at the top. Where was it taken? It looks too good to be real - though I am sure that it is

  15. I do envy you on moving but not packing. It's torture, let alone having to toss treasures.
    We ave stuffed packed from our love 11 hrs ago but I couldn't tell what i am missing lol.

  16. Toni; I used to not mind it so much, when the Army had packers to do it all for us. They'd come in the morning, we'd go out for the day and come home to find everything packed in boxes. Spend the night in a motel, go back the next day to let the moving truck in. Reverse the process at the new residence. Easy!
    This is so much different. I'm hopeless at packing and I'm sure I've discovered several sets of muscles I didn't used to have . And they're all aching. Time to lie down I think.

    Kath; the unpacking part is more fun, but finding homes for everything is going to be a problem. I may have to toss even more stuff.

    Hospitable Scots Bachelor; welcome to drifting.
    Do you mean my header picture with the babbling river? It's a googled image. I'm not sure where it is or who took the picture.

    Trish; it's a necessary move, but not one I thought I'd be making quite so soon. I'm going to a tiny flat about half the size of my small unit. Something I thought I'd do when I was maybe 80 or so.