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Thursday, August 18, 2011

the perils of a new kitchen

A much longer spout on the tap........

....... means one broken spongebob squarepants juice glass.

The rest of the kitchen is almost entirely satisfactory.
Almost?...(I heard you asking)

Well, a low under bench oven means the teatowel hanging on the handle sweeps the floor every time I open the oven door. There's no towel rail, so that's where it has to hang until I get one. I just have to remember to remove the towel before opening the oven.
A paper towel dispenser on the wall just beside where the oven mitts are might be happening too.

The other corner is a little crowded and I need somewhere else to stash all this stuff.
There's no more room in any of the cupboards, so I was thinking of a triangular shelf in the corner, just above the tiles.
But I've changed my mind on that. The wall directly above the clock is adjacent the "window" which looks out the front door, it's 58cm from corner to "window", so I'm thinking a straight shelf 55cm wide x 15cm deep, just above the tiles is a much better idea. I can put all those sugar, coffee, milo jars on that, plus a mug or three, then a shallower shelf just above that for the vitamin bottles.

The clock is a problem. Where the heck am I going to hang that? Do I even really need it?

The grey benchtop you can see there is actually green, I have no idea why it shows as grey.


  1. It is a real shame that you broke your juice glass. You are super organised, and I love you idea for the additonal shelves.

  2. Yes, I can see where shelves could go. Good idea. Two bad about sponge bob..I kinda like him.
    Our bedroom is a shade of green that always shows washed out and greyish in pictures. I have tried with and without flash, day and night...nothing works.

  3. Welcome to the life of Basher Bainbridge. I can't tell you how many wine glasses have become the Flickmixer's victims.

  4. That's what i like everything neat and tidy and in its rightful place where you can find what you want quickly :-).

  5. The griller that sits on the microwave, do you use it very much? We have but we did not like the way it cooked meat. Occasionally we make a sandwich in it. Your kitchen is shaping up nicely.

  6. EC; I have another spongebob juice glas, but with a white band instead of blue. I'll just have to use that.

    Delores; I'm glad it's not just me that gets washed out colours in photos.

    Basher Bainbridge; I usually turn the tap away from the centre of the sink, I forgot this one time.

    Windsmoke; Me too. I can't stand having to search frantically for something I needed 5 minutes ago.

    Andrew; It's a sandwich toaster. I use it for toasted baked beans sandwiches, toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwiches, toasted cheese and pineapple s/wiches......great for quick lunches.

  7. Do you need a towel rail? Maybe a hook - you can get magnetic or stick-on ones - would solve the problem and save a bit of space?? But agree with the above - you look SUPER organised!!

  8. Red Nomad; a hook seems like a good idea, but on a rail the towel can be sread out to dry faster. Dry towels don't breed mould and bacteria. I prefer organisation over mess. It's so much easier to find stuff when it's where it should be.

  9. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

  10. gosh you are organised!!!well done!!!

  11. peskypixies; organised should be my middle name.