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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so yesterday I went back to work

After having ten days off, which included two weekends and moving house, I found myself back at Coles.

What with zipping back and forth between the two places, cleaning one for a final inspection, (which went very well), and cleaning the other so I could live in it, I kind of feel like I haven't had much time off at all.
I was expecting to be busy, I just thought I might have at least a 3 day weekend to put my feet up.
Still it's done now and I can apply for another few days off when I want to.

Anyway, back at work....I now have to catch two buses to get there, so clearly I can no longer do the early morning shift. I've heard that my regular customers have been missing me and if I'm truthful, I've missed them too.

I checked the bus timetables to make sure I knew what time to catch the first one in time to connect with the second one. A small miscalculation meant that I was late to work by 6 minutes. That won't happen again. I'm never late and I'm quite proud of that record.

It does make for a long day though. Previously I'd leave home, walk for 15-20 minutes, work 4 hours, then stroll on home. Now, I walk to the bus stop, wait for a bus, get off down by the intersection and wait for the next bus, get off at the stop at the top of the road and walk on down to Coles. Reverse the process to come home again, and I'm out of the house (flat) for close to 7 hours.  I'll get used to it.

The middle of the day shift is a bit harder because there are so many shoppers doing a major grocery shop, instead of the few items I'm used to processing, I'm doing trolley loads almost continously. I'll get used to that too. I've done it before, I just need to remember to slow down and care for my back and shoulders.

The best part of coming home after such a long day away?
Coffee and sitting down with my feet up.


  1. You're right, that's not much of a holiday! Hope you're settled in now. Two buses to work is a lot.
    I'm wanting to work at Coles. Hopefully from October through Christmas.

  2. Look after yourself. Trolley loads can get v v heavy. It takes me two buses to get into town or to the pool and I use the time to veg out - admire gardens and eavesdrop on people's conversations. (shame on me).

  3. Hopefully this weekend coming you will be able to relax and enjoy your new home.

  4. Sarah, you might get lucky, they'll soon be signing up Christmas casuals. That's how I got in. It was supposed to be temporary, until something better came along, but they kept me on and this coming November it will be 9 years. Apply online at (I think)

    EC; Trolley loads do get heavy especially with giant economy sized this'n'that. But constantly working makes the time go faster.

    Delores; I find I'm resting quite a bit with all the bus rides, but the weekend is something to look forward to.

  5. coffee and feet up..............just the way to end a hard day.