Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

yesterday was plain awful...

...yesterday was plain awful! ("Annie")

I have no idea what was going on yesterday but it was a terrible, horrible, awful day.
(The Jasmine is blooming, let's blame that.)
I had spent the night before waking roughly every hour for no reason I can think of.
When it was time to be getting up, all I wanted was to go back to sleep.

I dressed, ate breakfast, went to the bus stop.
All while yawning my head off.
(not literally, my head is still attached)
My head, which felt like it weighed a ton.

Got to work, still yawning, did a 5 hour shift, yawning the whole time.
The heavy head developed into a headache, the legs were aching badly, my left hip gave painful tweaks several times during the day.
And my brain? Just wasn't working.
I felt dull all day, like my brain had left and gone on a holiday.

After work, I dragged myself to the bus stop, napped on the bus and almost missed my stop, caught the second  bus, finally got home.
I was never so glad to sit down in my life!

I heated a frozen pizza for dinner, (a new brand that I hadn't tried before, it wasn't nice!), because I just couldn't be bothered cooking.
Then I took a double dose of anti-histamine, some migraine tablets, then yawned my way through a couple of hours while reading blogs and leaving a comment or three.
I didn't want to go to bed too early because then I'd be fully awake at 1am.

Eventually went to bed and Hallelujah!! woke up this morning feeling much more alert.
The difference is amazing!
I'm me again!
Today's shift just flew by, with smiles, laughing, conversations (short ones) with customers.
Coming home was a joy.
I've been home now for 3 hours and I'm still feeling great, I even constructed a proper dinner.
Hard boiled egg and tuna salad.

It's nice to feel normal.


  1. You've had a lot of tension lately then a change of shift and different travelling times and now you're run up against the proverbial brickwall. On the other hand, you sound as though you managed to hurdle that wall.

  2. Isn't feeling good under-rated?

    Hope you have a fabulous rest-of-the-week, too, River.

  3. I hear you - had three days 'off' recently due to a visit from Mr Migraine. So nice to feel 'normal' after the wasted days.

  4. Glad to hear today was better. I had hard boiled eggs today as well. On crackers!

  5. If only I could have the 'odd' day of feeling like my old self River. Glad you have improved somewhat after yesterday...

  6. So pleased to hear that you are feeling better. It is no wonder that so many countries/organisations have used sleep deprivation as a torture. It is, even without a migraine.

  7. Just emerging from Yuckville myself. Nice to be on the trip home... :)

  8. So glad your week has turned around. Our Jasmine is blooming and my head is heavy - so you might be on to something there. Hope the rest of the week keeps going on this positive note. Maybe a antihistimine before bed each night?

  9. While you were out clubbing the night before, someone slipped something into your drink. You just had a rough trip. It passes.

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself. I wonder who it was you were feeling like yesterday?

  11. Sounds like you might've cut something off at the pass!

    Sleep is a wonderful thing...


  12. All the excitment and stress of moving into your new digs has caught up with you but now you've bounced back with flying colours, it also doesn't help that sneezing season is upon us to :-).

  13. JahTeh; the thought of me hurdling has me laughing out loud!!

    Toni; under-reated or not, feeling good is so much better than feeling bad.

    Kath; not you too with the migraine? So sorry to hear that.

    Sarah; I've never been able to eat hard-boiled egg on crackers. Do you just slice them or mash and mix with mayo?

    Cheryl; I wish you could have a day feeling like your old self too. How are you these days? I must catch up with your blog.

    EC; sleep deprivation is the worst torture known to man. Luckily I sleep well most of the time.

    Happy Elf; you've been to yuckville too?

    Kakka; I've known I am allergic to Jasmine for many years now. I just didn't realise there was some growing near my new home. As soon as I smelled it I frantically looked around to see if I could spot it and wouldn't you know it's in the very next yard!! I immediately went out and bought extra antihistamine. I'll keep an eye on the plant now, as soon as the flowers drop off, I can cut the antihistamine back to my usual dose. I'm allergic to lots of other things too.

    Andrew; damn those sneaky drink spikers!

    Delores; yesterday I was my shadow, me without the spark, without the spirit.

    Pearl; cut off a potential migraine is what I did. If I hadn't doubled the medication in time I would have had to call in sick. I really hate doing that.

    Windsmoke; sadly for me, sneezing season doesn't equal sneezing. It equals heavy head and aching everything else. I'll be fine once the Jasmine stops blooming.

  14. Probably everything just catching up with you. But isn't it weird how when you have a really bad day, it makes the next normal day seem amazingly brilliant? Maybe that's the real reason for lousy days ...

  15. so glad you are feeling better.I had THE worst migraine on I feel for you.

  16. Hate those days that just don't seem to work. Glad everything was better again afterwards.

  17. Red Nomad; I think you're onto something there.

    peskypixies; the migraines seem to be going around, perhaps a little spring fever is involved.

    Megan; those days always seem to have 36 hours instead of 24 don't they?

  18. awful days are awful.

    Glad you felt better the next day my lovely.