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you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday morning I was awake at my usual ungodly hour, sitting in bed, drinking coffee, reading a book, when I had a sudden urge to bake.

So I got up and puttered around the kitchen assembling ingredients, then baked a batch of Snickerdoodles. With craisins.

When the last few came out of the oven it was finally daylight, so I showered and dressed, then, still feeling the urge to cook something, I made pancakes for breakfast.
Then dragged out the Easi-Yo and started a tub of yoghurt.

I cleaned up all the dishes, put on a load of washing, and can you believe it? I still wanted to cook!
So I made pea and ham soup.
That's a soup that takes a long time, simmering until the split peas have disintegrated, then grated carrot and grated potatoes are added along with finely sliced celery, repeat the simmering until the potatoes have disintegrated.
Add a small slurp of worcestershire sauce, (Spring Gully make a gluten free one), and a larger slosh of tomato sauce. Simmer a bit longer to meld all the flavours.

With all the simmering and grating and stirring, finally I'd had enough of cooking.

But  now I have enough soup for 4-5 serves, so that's plenty for the freezer, and I have two large containers of Snickerdoodles. With craisins.
And I have yoghurt to take to work for a snack before my shift starts!

I won't have to cook for days!
Well, except for breakfast. Porridge won't cook itself.


  1. Wow! You were busy, but it is amazing the way sometimes the urge to cook can be so strong. And it sounds as if the results were well worth your effort.

  2. Sounds like you're all tuckered out from cooking so many yummmy meals :-)

  3. I find your urge to cook rather disturbing.

  4. And what are snickerdooodles? The name sounds tasty, to say the least.

  5. You were so busy! Sometimes you need to grab the inspiration whenever you can.

    I have never in my life had the urge to bake! Maybe one day.

  6. EC; the results are always worth the effort. Yum

    Windsmoke; I don't find cooking at all tiring. Vacuuming, on the other hand, is extremely tiring.

    R.H. why?

    Elsiabeth; Snickerdoodles are basically sugar cookies. I heard the ame on old American sitcoms so often, I eventually googled to see just what they are. I've since made them several times because they are so nice. I add things like craisins or choc-chips to the basic recipe sometimes. I think I posted the recipe last month.

    Sarah; You've never had the urge to bake? i find that quite sad...but I'm sure you've had urges to do other things, like take your camera for a walk? Get crafty with fabrics?

  7. Goodness you were busy!
    The menu sounds yummy :)

  8. I hope after baking half the night that you have time for a little rest before you head out to work.

  9. Well it just seems you have trouble keeping still.

  10. I'll take ALL of the stuff you can't eat! :)

  11. Jayne; sometimes I just have to keep going, the urge is that strong.

    Delores; this was on Sunday, early in the am, so I didn't have to get to work.

    Lightening; okay....

    R.H. don't worry, there's plenty of times I get on the couch and don't move a single muscle for hours and hours.

    Kath; I've eaten quite a lot of the snickerdoodles, the yoghurt is still in the fridge and the soup is frozen. Let me know when you're arriving and I'll thaw some out for you.

  12. Goodness, I am tired just reading about all that cooking. But how great to have things now in storage for later. I have often wondered about make your own yoghurt - how does it taste?

  13. Kakka; the yoghurt I make is just like the greek style yoghurt from those specialty yoghurt shops, or the ones you buy in the supermarket. I make it plain, then add fruit or fruit puree to each serve when I eat it.

  14. Maybe it's an ancient instinct taking over because you've just shifted into a place with no food!! But whatever, enjoy the fruits of your labours!!! What a shame I don't live next to you ...

  15. Thanks River, might try making some of my own, I think our supermarket has some do it yourself yoghurt.