Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

easier than I thought

I'm finding it surprisingly easy to stay away from the internet.
I've checked my email a couple of times, I've read a few blogs and left comments.
But really, my heart's just not in it.
The enthusiasm, the's gone.

Trying to find something to write about is a chore now, where before this I would just put down whatever popped into my head.
If a lot was in my head, I'd get them all sorted out and scheduled and just check in everyday to read the comments, (or see the lack of comments).
Then read everyone else on my list.

I haven't yet worked out the scheduling problem with this new dashboard page, so I've given up on scheduling for now, since I can't think of things to write about anyway.

I'm sure the enthusiasm will return, but in the meantime, I'm watching dvds, reading real books, I've done a couple of dozen code cracker puzzles, (Ilove those), and I've been sleeping.

Get home from work...take a nap.
Finish dinner, clean up the dishes, do a puzzle....go to bed. And read a book until I sleep.
Yesterday was my Friday off and I didn't even have a dentist appointment to go to.
(That's next Friday....)

I woke early, while it was still dark, thought about turning on the computer, but changed my mind and followed my old habit of coffee and a book in bed until I fell back to sleep.
Pottered around all morning, had a nap after lunch, pottered around all afternoon, mostly reading, then turned on the computer after dinner. After only a couple of hours, I'd had enough, turned it off again and went to bed, where I fell asleep almost immediately.

This morning I woke early again, went out to buy the paper as soon as the shop was open, sat down and actually read it instead of just skimming headlines and doing the crossword puzzle, then I had another nap.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about all this sleeping.
I'll give it a couple of weeks and then reassess.
(If I start falling asleep or wanting to be asleep at work that would be a problem).

Perhaps I've just been pushing myself too hard these past few months and my body has said "enough".


  1. It sounds exactly as if you have been pushing yourself way too hard, and the body is having a mini strike. And sleep is always lovely.

  2. Sleep is good.


  3. I lost my enthusiasm last year - sometimes you just need a break... especially when you have lots of other stuff taking up your time and energy

    Enjoy the napping and sleeping xxx

  4. EC; I love sleeping and waking up when I'm ready to wake not when I have to wake.

    peskypixie; sleep is the best.

    Beet; funny thing, enthusiasm, it hangs around, then in a *fingersnap*, it's gone.

  5. Sleep is a glorious gift to yourself. Enjoy the heck out of it. I do miss you around my blog. I'm glad you still pop in now and then. Grateful for such a loyal friend. xo

  6. Sounds like you need to get caught up on your rest. We'll be here when you decide to come back.

  7. I have times when I struggle to find the energy or enthusiasm or ideas for my blog, too.

    Sometimes having a whole week off or writing less frequently (once or twice a week) can help things. After all, blogs should be fun and NOT a chore.

  8. Sleeping is good, especially in the winter under very warm covers. I'm losing that excuse sor a while in my hemisphere.

  9. Public Housing Princess you are now, oh so posh. Bite an apple, it could send you to sleep for twenty years. Truth is you've got mighty snobby since getting that awning installed.

  10. It does sound like you are pushing yourself too much and need to catch up on some sleep to recharge your batteries. When you are fully charged your enthusiasm will return it just takes time :-).

  11. I wouldn't worry, it's just the batteries re-charging.
    I miss not being able to get up to the computer when I can't sleep but there's always the old trusty walkman with my sleep music on it.

  12. Melissa; I've found that extra rest is helping quite a bit. Staying off the internet on my working days is the way to go by the looks of things.

    Delores; I've noticed how much better I sleep on work nights when I haven't had the computer on.

    Kath; being here less is keeping it more interesting I've found.

    Joanne; I'm enjoying going to bed earlier and snuggling under the doona while I read myself to sleep.

    R.H. Snobby? Me? Why do you think this?

    Windsmoke; thanks, resting more is helping.

    JahTeh; I haven't missed getting to the computer, but I did find myself looking forward to logging on today. I think weekends will be the routine now for a while.

  13. I was joking.

    I think it's common to feel there's something wrong in having friendships on the internet, like they're second rate. And yet the old pen-pal thing of letters between people who've never met was considered quite okay.
    The funny thing is I reveal more of my inner life using this medium than I ever would to even my closest friend. There's no difference between doing this and 'real life'. It's all real, it's all life.

  14. Jst realised you posted 363 blogs in 2011!!!! That was a huge effect!
    You definitely need a break from Blogging, River!

  15. R.H. oh, thank goodness. I thought maybe I was sounding a bit "uppity" because things are going well and I'm so happy. Except for the being tired thing.

    drb; I just realised I've got a total of over 700 and I'm not quite at my second blog birthday. I will be taking it more slowly from now on. Don't want to burn out entirely.

  16. You sure have written a lot of posts. It's normal to want a rest. To sleep when you can.

    Maybe you are hibernating now it has gotten colder:)

    The internet will always be here whenever you want to look! In the meantime have a break whenever you need.