The National Broadband Network.

I've been reading about this in the papers and hearing about it on the news.
So I knew it was coming and got a bit excited.

I read a list of locations where the work had already begun, where it was scheduled for the next three years, where it was scheduled for the next decade.  Hmmm.

Included was a list of Adelaide suburbs that were getting the broadband network and when.
I'd thought it was going everywhere.
But no!  No no no!
Some suburbs are not only not getting it soon, but missing out altogether!
Mine included!

Yes, you read that right.
Fullarton, and immediate surrounding suburbs are not getting this National Broadband Network.

Bad enough that I'm now in a location with iffy coverage, but to learn there will be no improvement, not even in a decade.....well....to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement!
I'm crushed.

I wonder what the criteria was, to be included in the rollout?
The number of businesses in the area?
Did they survey the number of computers in the area?
The general age of the population?
There are quite a few oldies here, but that doesn't mean we aren't connected.


  1. Well that's disappointing. Is there anywhere you can register your complaint?

  2. There must be a reason, find out and see how to chip away at it.

  3. This sounds like something to take up with your local member. They should (if Labour or Greens) know why. If Coalition they will likely be happy to make noises on your behalf.

  4. Sounds very odd. You are hardly in the outback.

  5. My cousin is getting the NBN (Brisbane) and he is EXTREMELY p'd off with it, because his connection speed will DROP and he'll be paying more for it.
    If they had to go ahead with this damn nuisance of a thing, couldn't they have allowed us to choose whether we wanted it or not???

  6. River ..... what a bummer.I'm not sure, but is that for your computer? I'm in the process of moving to the country and the only way I'll get to use the computer will be through my Verizon card.

    Thank you for being such a loyal follower of the Hunzas. For a while I didn't know if I'd make it when I got the bad neck. But yeahhh, it's over and it feel good to accomplish something.

    It's been during this month that I've decided to move to the country and I truly believe the Hunzas had something to do with it. The country offers pure water (no fluoride) not quite glacier water but so much better than the water in town. The whole quality of life is so much better.

    We'll see how long I last when the big snow comes.

  7. I wouldn't touch NBN now that telsta is running the show with a 10 foot barge pole, why you ask?, because telstra kept on disconnecting the my internet connection even though i paid up front each and every month, when i complained the response was that it was my computers fault which was proved wrong after being checked twice by a computer technician who found nothing wrong, so i'll be keeping my 3 Mobile Broadband which has not failed me yet after two and a half years, touch wood :-).

  8. Delores; I haven't yet looked into registering a complaint, but I will.

    Joanne; it's possible cost is a reason. This is an old established suburb and digging up roads and gardens to lay fibre-optic cable could cause difficulty. I believe first roll-out is going to new housing areas still under construction.

    EC; I have a friend in media would might be able to point me in the right direction to ask.

    Andrew; possibly it's because we're not out in the sticks. Digging up an old established suburb might cause some flak.

    Toni; what kind of connection does your cousin have that is faster than fibre-optic broadband? I'd like to get in on that if possible. Would he HAVE to be connected to the NBN? Or could he keep his current connection type?

    Manzanita; yes, it's for computers. Most of us here in Aus rely on slow dial-up, or mobile USB broadband which is not much faster, or WiFi which is more costly.
    I'll be interested in reading about your move to the country and how you adjust. Will you be trying to replicate the Hunza lifestyle as much as you can? without the mountain of course.

    Windsmoke; I'm currently using a Dodo mobile broadband, since switching from slower than snails dial-up. It was okay before I moved to this suburb, now it's not as slow as dial-up, but definitely slower than in the previous suburb. Telstra needs to watch its game playing, too many customers are not at all happy with their service or lack of.

  9. That's really sad. I hope you can get something sorted

  10. Try living up in the bush...our coverage is rubbish and always will be. Telstra is the only reliable server up here and they've so oversubscribed their service that the whole thing slows and sometimes crashes in peak periods. Just before dinner time and between 6pm-10pm

  11. Thats sad, i hope you get everything fixed soon!

  12. We have the same thing happening here - one of only two suburbs in the area that isn't getting the NBN rollout in the next three years. We have horrible connection (and mobile phone service for that matter) here. Sigh.

  13. Hi River,

    That's a shame - and they will have a daft excuse.




  14. peskypixies; it really isn't up to me, but I'll be keeping my mobile dodo connection.

    Tempo; you're in Port Augusta? That's one of the areas getting the NBN in the 3 year plan, maybe not in all suburbs though, like us down here. Our system crashes between 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm, that's when all the businesses and schools are logging on and off.

    Catherine ex oh mwah!; I can't be fixing anything, I just would like to find out why my suburb has been excluded that's all.

    Beet; iffy mobile coverage is inexcusable after all these years, you'd think "they" would have got that sorted by now.

    Plasman; of course they'll have a daft excuse. We're talking about government and telstra here.

  15. We have tried dial-up (painfully slow) and USB Mobile (tend to dropout). We are now connected on ADSL2+ Broadband on Optus (uses the phoneline but people can still use the phone) which is great, especially for watching Youtube, online video, instand download! Maybe you can try that.

  16. I just had a quick look. Optus is offering a bundle for seniors: Home phone connection plus broadband (5GB) for $50 per month, free connection.

    Check it out:

  17. drb; thanks for the information. I don't have a landline, I opted not to connect it when I moved here because I rarely use a phone so thought the monthly fee was better off in my pocket. With my USB mobile broadband, slow as it is, I pay up front for 15GB and use it until it runs out. Usually it lasts me 6-7-8 months because I don't do much on the computer apart from the blog and emails. If I needed it for study, I'd be more inclined to set up a better deal.
    There are students in the flats though, I see them going off to school and uni and since most things are done online these dyas I can see where they'd benefit from the NBN, so I'm annoyed my suburb is going to miss out.


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