Wednesday's Words on a Friday

It's 6:37pm on Thursday and I've got nothing in mind. I've been out all day and most of yesterday too, so let's just see what happens with these words....

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.

If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by Elephant's Child and can be found here.

This week's words are:

1. enclosing
2. purpose
3. care
4. patch
5. jamming
6. shame


1. bent
2. organic
3. mangle
4. textbook
5. gravity
6. excuse

Here we go>>>

give me a minute, I'm thinking......
and eating. 

Home made hot chips (fries), homemade burger patty, (no bun) and a side of hot slaw, which is just coleslaw vegetables stir-fried instead of mixed with coleslaw dressing.

You're all hungry now, right? Ha Ha

God's Observation Deck 4

Pushing through the star-spangled door and passing through the spacious room beyond, God stepped out onto his observation deck. A huge enormous deck from which he could magically see just about everything.

"Ah, Peter, thought I'd find you here," said God. "Seeing anything interesting down there?"
"I've been watching the Williams family," said Peter. "Michelle's mum has a bumper crop of organic apples this year and she's making apple sauce and apple pies."

"Seems like they've turned things around since they switched their little patch to permaculture."
"hmm," said Peter. "all that mulching and the nutrient from the worm farm have helped a lot. Elaine thinks she may be able to sell some of the apple sauce at the Farmer's Market this year."

"She probably can," said God, "but what's all that ruckus at the back of the house?"

"That's Michelle," said Peter. "Elaine has told her there'll be no apple pie for dessert if she doesn't clean up her room, so Michelle is jamming as much as she can into the closet and hoping it will stay there. A shame really, if she only sorted it all properly, she'd see that most of it is rubbish, old school papers and stuff. She's only going to have to do it all again when Elaine finds out." 

"How about I put a hold on the closet door for a while, just until tomorrow, so Michelle gets some apple pie." said God. 

Peter said, "That doesn't seem like the best idea you ever had. If she gets away with it this time, she'll just keep trying it instead of properly cleaning her room."

"That's true," said God, "but it's apple pie!"

"I think you're ignoring the gravity of the situation," said Peter. "On the other hand, Michelle did help that old woman at the supermarket yesterday."
"What happened there?" said God. "I missed that."

"You remember Claudette Simmons with the badly bent back? The osteoporosis one. She was having trouble pushing her walker across the carpark area and Michelle helped her. She said Claudette should sit on the seat part, then she pushed her to the Community Bus and helped her with her bags as well."

"Hmmm, " said God. "We'll do the closet door thing, and send Michelle a dream message, where her closet bursts open and her bed gets covered in mangled old textbooks."

"That should work nicely," said Peter. 'Do you think we can talk Mary into making us some apple pies?"

"I'd leave Mary alone for a while. She's in a bit of a snit. She asked John had the younger Angels finished enclosing the duck pen, because she wants to collect the feathers for new wings this year, and John had some lame excuse that I didn't quite hear."

"What's up with John lately anyway?" said Peter. "He seems to have lost all purpose, just wanders around like he doesn't care about anything."

"I think I'll go and have a talk with him," said God. 


  1. I think YOU wanted some apple pie for dessert!!

    1. fishducky; I really do, but making it is a hassle and the bought ones aren't nearly as good. I have a really busy weekend coming up, so there won't be time to be fiddling around with rolling out pastry.

  2. Huge smiles. And I do like the idea that God can be negotiated with (and is sometimes prone to impulse).

    1. Elephant's Child; this is my idea of what Heaven is like.

  3. Hot cold slaw? I've never even heard of that before, but I bet I'd love it.

    But not as much as I love your story. Great use of the words. Your God tales are always a treat.

    1. Susan; we've been eating hotslaw in our family for decades. it sometimes got called savoury cabbage when a can of pureed tomatoes was added to the mix.

  4. Always thought good apple pie was holy.

    Jimmy had had enough of picking the organic grown apple tree. He was hell-bent on giving gravity a little help and mangle the apple tree a bit. He had no excuses, but he was a textbook case of laziness.

    1. Susan Kane; I love your use of the words but mangling a tree doesn't sound very nice. Jimmy better hope God isn't looking in his direction.

    2. JImmy would go for the branches, shake them and break some stems. The tree would be okay, just not as beautiful. I wonder how many pickers try that.

  5. I too like the idea of God being a bit easy on us. Makes Him the fun father.

    1. Arkansas Patti; I enjoy making God a bit of fun.

  6. Fun story, even if i do believe He never misses anything.

    1. Messymimi. He has missed a few of my misgivings, he maybe waiting until the final reckoning.

    2. messymimi; and Vest; he probably misses a bit here and there when he's negotiating with Lucy (Lucifer) or Mary, who is the cook up there.

  7. Not everything is perfect in angel land. it seems even the boss has his advisors and shouldn't Adam and Eve be in charge of FIGuring out apple pie making.

    1. Vest; even God has his boss. In one of my earlier God stories there was an "empirical" being that God answered to. Adam and Eve have other jobs I think.

  8. Oh! God! I wish I had some chips and a burger!! :)

    I think I might have been that old woman in the supermarket...except it was today...not yesterday!

    Good one, River. :)

    1. Lee; good to see you here. Next time I makes chips and burgers I'll set a serve aside for you. Having trouble with the walker or the bags? I hope there was someone to help you.

    2. No...I was just kidding around - I wasn't having any trouble at the supermarket, River. I don't use a walker...but I do use a walking stick.

      I had no internet or landline phone connection for the past two days...Wednesday and Thursday. Tree-loppers were busy doing their job, up close and personal to my cabin. Finally, this morning...Friday...I was re-connected to the outside world...and I ventured out into the outside world to the supermarket. While all the work was going on, with power saws, mulchers, etc., etc., etc., and more...I didn't want to leave Remy and Shama alone. They were freaking out (as was I)!

      Peace has once again descended....thank goodness!

  9. You make it look so easy! Yes, a reward of apple pie for the good deed, and a dream to spur her on to a job done right.

    I've never thought of hot slaw, but I've mixed barbecue sauce with it instead of the creamy dressing. Now I want some barbecue slaw! It goes really well with roasted white-meat chicken.

    1. Val; sometimes it's easy, sometimes I have to think a bit. I've never thought of barbecue sauce for the hot slaw, I think it might be a bit strong if too much accidentally goes on. it might be okay when served with barbecued meats tough.

  10. Hehe, domestic trouble i Heaven. Well written indeed!

    1. Uglemor; I like to think of Heaven as just like home, but with no calories.

  11. Highly entertaining! Homemade apple pie is definitely one of my favourite things. Your hot slaw sounds really good, and much lower in calories than cole slaw. I'll have to keep it in mind as a winter vegetable.


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