Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cafe society

My suburb, Norwood, is a cafe society. Stand in the middle of The Parade (the main street), and you're practically surrounded by cafes. Gloria Jeans. Uncle Alberts. Cafe Bravo. Cafe Primo. Cibo's. And more. All with seating. Indoor seating. Outdoor seating. Plenty of places to park your bum and enjoy the hot beverage of your choice. With or without a snack or meal. So there really is no reason, none at all, to bring your takeaway cup of coffee into the supermarket, wedge it into your trolley, then wander around shopping, not noticing that you've knocked the cup over and are now leaving a trail of coffee around several aisles.


  1. LOL. Oh dear. You didn't have to clean it up did you?

    I LOVE Norwood!!!!

  2. No need at all, besides, I like to sit and drink my latte while watching the passing parade! Although sometimes I need a caffeine hit PRIOR to hitting the supermarket!

  3. I was chatting to a girl at my local Safeway and she did say to me, "You know, every single day I work here I always see someone who utterly shocks or surprises me."

    Supermarkets are a perfect mini-melting pot of society because, at some time or other, most human beings with a wallet have to enter them.

  4. lightening; as checkout operators, we're not required to clean up, although sometimes we do if the spill (any spill) is right by our checkout, usually caused by something falling over the side and smashing on the floor. I once had a bottle of coke fall over the side and spray fizz clear across three checkouts.
    baino; I also prefer sipping while sitting and watching, how can you enjoy coffee while simultaneously shopping?
    Kath; I find I'm noticing more about my customers lately.