Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

how do you treat yourself?

I was recently asked, how do I treat myself?
My immediate answer was "chocolate, I love chocolate".

But the next day, I got to thinking. A treat is an occasional thing, not the almost everyday occurrence that chocolate is in my life.

(Did the question instead mean how do I treat myself as a person?
Harshly? Never. Kindly? Yes. I'm easy-going and easy on myself.)

So what is it that I occasionally treat myself with?

Pavlova - on my birthday - yum!

Rose scented liquid handwash in the bathroom - usually I have the generic store brand. When the rose runs out, it's back to the generic, which is actually quite nice.

Hot bubble bath - this is quite rare, as lying back against the bath aggravates the arthritis pain in my neck, even with a rolled towel as cushioning.

REAL butter on my toast - cholesterol be damned!

A bus ride into the hills, or out to the beach - with my camera if I remember to pick it up on the way out the door.

Hot chocolate in a cafe - instead of going home for a mug of milo.

Not a very exotic list - but then I'm a simple person, with simple tastes.

What treats do you spoil yourself with?


  1. Chocolate macadamia coffee with a splash of cream in it instead of milk! This coffee isn't syrup-flavoured, it's a fab roast from Coffee Works in Nth Qld.
    Apart from that, my husband pampers me shamelessly (:

  2. Hot chocolate last thing at night, with soy milk :)

  3. I have a 'Treat" bank account where when it gets up to $300 I buy myself something nice. Cheap air fares, staying overnight in a city hotel- you know non essentials.

  4. Toni; that sounds delicious!

    Jayne; hot chocolate just before sleeping gives me weird dreams. Nothing scary, just weird.

    Frances; welcome. My "treat" bank account takes care of my prepaid internet time. I toss 50 cent pieces in a jar until there's enough.

  5. There is one shop I pass on the way to the home which has home-made sponge cake, real cream, real passionfruit icing and fabulous coffee. I try to limit my visits to once a fortnight.

  6. River, I like the sound of all of your treats and, as you know, chocolate is more than a treat for me, it's a daily way of life, so my occasional ones are:
    * Fresh bread with heaps of butter and vegemite
    * Sunday sleep in and lounging around in my PJs and dressing gown until lunchtime
    * Browsing in a bookstore
    * Using up a massage gift voucher
    * Reading a book during the day (luxury!Forgetting my paid work jobs, the housework,the guilt, so as you can imagine it's a very rare one)
    * Looking through our photo albums. I'm a big old sentimental softie

  7. JahTeh; I know myself and I would have to find a new way to get to the home.

    Kath; I'm probably going to dream of fresh bread with real butter and vegemite tonight. And here it is Sunday and I've been in my PJs ALL DAY.