I love handbags and have quite a few. More than I need, but not as many as I used to have.

I hang them on a coat stand along with my hats and scarves. There are six on this stand, most of them hidden behind scarves. The dark brown leather one in front is a small backpack. Great for hands free shopping.

Earlier this year, about half of my bags went to new homes via the local op shop. I'd had them for years, realised I never used them and decided to include them in my decluttering. I wiped off the dust that had gathered in the creases and zippers, took a last look at the beautiful leathers that they were made from, then packed them in a large plastic bag and took them to Vinnies.

Then I came home and stared at the empty spaces where they had been. I miss them even though I'd hardly used them. (funny, I didn't miss the clothes and shoes I gave away...)
I'll probably end up giving away the rest of the bags except for the backpack, and one other backpack that I use for work. That one isn't leather and can be squished a bit to fit into my locker.

Now, I just have to stay away from bag and luggage shops......


  1. I have a backpack.
    That is all lol.

  2. Funny, I'm not 'into' handbags but you've made me go into my room and check, and I have:
    - my trusty black backpack
    - my trust man-sized canvas backpac (to hold my SLR camera)
    - my pink canvas bag (easily washed)
    - a glamorous bronze 'Tod' bag that was a gift from my sister-in-saw
    - A blue plastic bag made from a recycled rice bag by disabled Vietnamese community workers
    - a brown leather handbag that's too small to be practical


  3. Jayne; a backpack is really all you need, as long as it has room for everything you need, especially the book to read while you wait for the bus.

    Kath; do any of these match any of your thong collection? Because then you could co-ordinate...
    I'm curious, which one do you use the most? Or do you use each one for separate purposes? For instance, the pink canvas for library books, the blue plastic for vegetable shopping?


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