why is it so?

I'm sure many of you remember Professor Julius Sumner-Miller.

Had that afternoon science program where he demonstrated such things as hard-boiled eggs being sucked into milk bottles, while asking "why is it so?"

Science questions answered easily enough by anyone who paid attention during physics class.
(i.e. not me )
Moving on........

I have a few "why is it so?" questions of my own.

1. Why does the black bra fit better and feel more comfortable than the white one?
Both are the exact same size and style, bought at the same time.

2. Why does my back start to itch just when I've laid down for a nap, and the back scratcher is
on the table in the other room?

3. Why does the sun break through the clouds on any working day, but when I'm at home it
rains from dawn to dusk?
Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but I prefer my washing line dried, not dryer dried.

4. Why does the "new and improved" shampoo and conditioner not make your hair as silky and
shiny as the original, which you've loved and bought for years?

5. Why does the supply cupboard have a years supply of everything, yet the one time you don't
check it before going shopping, the dental floss runs out?

6. Why can I stare mindlessly at the TV for hours with no interruption, but as soon as I get
immersed in that fantastic novel I just bought, the phone rings with that one person who just
loves to ramble on about nothing in particular.

What are your "why is it so?" questions?
I'd love to know I'm not the only one out there.


  1. Why do I need to pee as soon as I get warm and comfortable in bed? It doesn't matter if I've visited the bathroom just prior to retiring, the urge will hit as soon as I find my comfort zone.

    Oh my stars, I so hear you about the phone when you've settled down for a good read. *sigh*

  2. and WHY does your nose start to itch the instant you put on the washing-up gloves?

  3. AJ; I forgot about the pee. Rug up in about 10 layers of clothing, set out down the drive on the way to the shops, then have to turn back and pee, because the shops are 20 minutes walk away and I can't hold on that long when I'm walking.

    Toni; with me it's the eyes, just under the glasses frames, so off with the gloves, off with the glasses, scratch, back on with the glasses, then the gloves, wash a plate, repeat....sigh.

  4. Why does the hot water inexplicably get to suddenly-scalding temperatures just as shampoo is running down my face and I can't see the taps?

    Why do I struggle to wake up on time from Monay to Friday but on Saturday and Sundays I'm wide awake and restless by 5am?

    Why is there always only three squares of toilet paper left just as I've sat down for a 'session' and it's impossible to reach up behind me for a new roll?

  5. Kath; feel your way to the taps, but carefully so you don't nudge the hot tap even further.
    I don't struggle to wake up Mon-Fri, but on weekends when I'd love to sleep in, I'm awake by 4.30am. Arrrgh!
    Ha Ha on the TP. You'll have to re-train the troops.


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