dear reader

After two hours (TWO) battling the online tax lodgement, I can't think of a thing to write.

So I give you a picture of my favourite type of tree. This is in the botanical gardens, near the entrance to our zoo.
Moreton Bay Fig Trees. I love them.
Especially the ones that branch out closer to the ground, so kids, and grownups, can climb and sit.


  1. Fabulous tree.
    Knew you had great taste!

  2. Ro; welcome to my humble little blog. Nice to meet you. I'll just duck over now and have a look at your blog.

  3. I think we might need to plant one of those!

  4. Ah yes.... tax time..... A moment I'm putting off until Love Chunks brings his (whatever the new name is for 'group certificate') home.

    In the meantime I'd rather look at the Moreton bay fig and perhaps knee at it's venerable base and ask, "Can you lodge my tax return for me, oh great one?"

  5. Feel for me. I received a tax invoice for mother which said 000 on everything related to tax but it came with a form which asked if I needed to put in a tax return. I haven't understood a single question on the form so as of now, it's in the too hard basket.

  6. Veronica; they're quite messy when it's time to drop their fruit, which isn't edible, but they are great for sitting in. They spread really widely too, one at each end of your paddock would cast lots of lovely shade. I'm not sure how fast (or not) they grow though. Maybe you could plant one now for your grandchildren to climb in?

    Kath; last year's tax return was super easy, just a re-run of the year before. This year's form has new (but not improved) questions, a couple of which confused the heck out of me.

    JahTeh, take a day off from everything else and take your mum's forms to the tax office. Let them sort it out. Or at least help you sort it out.


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