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Sunday, September 26, 2010

coffee magic

At any time during the day, no cup of coffee is as perfect as the one I make at 4am, on weekends, when I'm wide awake, but don't need to be up yet.

As most of you know, I've been working the early morning shift at Coles for years now, waking at 4am, being at work by 6 or 6.30am.

I don't like rushing through my mornings, so I take my time over showering and breakfast. Coles is just a 15 minute walk away. But work days do not include morning coffees.

So on weekends, I still wake at 4am. This is when I make the best cup of coffee ever, and take it back to bed, with whatever I'm currently reading, and read until I get sleepy again. Or until I get up.

While I was temporarily off work, I stayed up a bit later than usual at nights, thereby sometimes managing to stay asleep until 6 or 7am.

But there were still a few mornings when I'd be wide awake at 4am, and I'd barefoot it to the kitchen, turning on the bedroom heater along the way to take the pre-dawn chill off the air.

Clearly, 4am is a magical time, as the coffee/sugar/water/milk ratio turns out exactly right and the cup of (instant) coffee that I sip in bed is perfect.

I use the same mug and spoon every time, so there is no other possible explanation for this perfection, than magic.

It's possible the deep silence of the hour is a contributing factor. That feeling of being the only person awake in the whole world.

With every successive cup of coffee during the day, I am unable to replicate this perfection.


  1. Hi River,


    Crikey - and I thought 6am was difficult.

    I do not function before 7am - unless jet-lagged of course.




  2. Plasman; I've been doing this for 7 years, the store opens at 6am and I live close by so it's convenient for them and me. After the first 6 months or so, I adjusted to the early start and was going to bed by 8.30-9pm, so still getting plenty of sleep. As a bonus, my shift is over before lunch, so I have the whole afternoon to myself.

  3. River, that description of your first coffee is literary perfection!

    Not so your waking hour though!

  4. Kath; Literary perfection? Thank You.

  5. I'm sure one day there'll be a study about the influence of time/timing on routine functions, to prove the result you've described so superbly above! Until then, keep conducting that research - they may pay you for it one day ...

    happy travels!

  6. Stopped by via Kim @ frogpondsrock. I have lingered a long time to read the long post from list to the right. You describe in heartbreaking detail. I plan to read more.

    How come I can smell the coffee all the way over here in the UK! It must be your simply brilliant description.

  7. Red Nomad Oz; I'm sure someone somewhere has already done such a study, but if someone is willing to pay me to repeat my words, who am I to say no?

    Achelois; welcome. The power of the Java is mighty strong.

  8. Ah, how I love a ritual!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.