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The Red Cardigan by J.C.Burke

Here's a quote from the book:

"What's worse than being on the outer and no-one noticing you?
Being on the outer and everyone noticing you."

This is a Young Adult novel, not too long, being only 192 pages, set in Sydney Australia, with a crossover to Adelaide. Adelaide!! That's rare.

It's quite a powerful story about a young girl, aged 16, with a passion for vintage clothing, who is discovering that she has inherited her grandmother's psychic abilities as she helps to solve a 20 year old missing persons case.

It moves along at a good pace, with no annoying loose ends that cause you to flip back through previous chapters to find where your current page connects to an earlier part of the story.
An easy, enjoyable read. I finished it this morning after starting it after dinner last night.

The next book in my stack is this:

It's a tale of Drug Dealing Triads in Sydney. Should be interesting. I love the title.


  1. Try and find Dandelion Soup, you'll enjoy that one, too ;)

  2. I can tell you like mysteries, murder cases and thrillers?

    I'm ashamed to say that on my desk (still not opened) is a 'how to' book on memoir writing.

  3. Jayne; Dandelion Soup. Sounds interesting, who is the author please?

    Kath; yes, but I can't bring myself to read the Agatha Christie ones and other older authors. The style of writing just doesn't appeal to me.


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