I took my camera for a walk.....

......and this is what I saw:

these magnificent tulips standing almost 45cm tall,

interesting texture on this palm trunk,

wattle, the very last bloom on the bush,

a little fancy lacework,

grevillea, one of many varieties in the neighbourhood,

storm damage, in my very own driveway,

these cheerful little polyanthus, only 4 inches tall,

here's a close up.

It was raining, so I worried a little about the camera getting wet, but the heavy rain stopped while I was out and all I got was sprinkled. Yay me. As soon as I was home and inside, the heavens opened.
How was your day?


  1. Ah lovely. Way windy here yesterday but no damage yet. Great day with the soon to be in laws except when I drank a sip of Baileys and it went down the wrong way,damn near sprayed someone's mum.

  2. The bluestone lacework makes me feel a bit homesick for Adelaide....

    It was raining but in the break I took Milly and Sapphire for a spot of self-satisfying litter ninja-ing; met up with Love Chunks for lunch at a Malaysian -hole-in-the-wall cafe near our house that's always buzzing and packed, helped Sapphire 'road test' some monte carlos she wants to make for her tea party next week, read the papers, enjoyed LC's homemade soup for dinner, laughed at 'Modern Family' and smelled S's fresh hair as I kissed her goodnight. It was a brilliant day.

  3. Baino; lots of wind damage here in Adelaide. Even a Macca's sign got blown down somewhere.

    Jayne, they're very cheery aren't they? Really brighten up a gloomy day.

    Kath; I love Adelaide's lacework, it's just everywhere. There must be some in your neighbourhood surely? It's seems to be a vey Australian thing. How were the Monte Carlo's?

  4. What a lovely idea. I should try that. Just wandering along with the camera. I don't take enough photo's.

  5. Lightening; whenever I plan to take the camera, it rains. This time I just took it anyway.


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