I'll be there, will you?

I'm going to make it to the Aussie Bloggers Conference!!!

I'm very excited about this very first ever Aussie Bloggers event.

At first I didn't think I'd make it.

I looked at my budget and my heart sank faster than a lump of concrete thrown into the ocean.
I did a little figuring. Tried a bit of the "rob Peter to pay Paul" type of thing.
Checked the calendar for future incoming bills, like gas, electricity.

Uh-Oh, two of each due between now and March.

Damn. Bugger. Oh Dear.

Then I remembered my last resort option. If I could manage half of the cost, maybe R (brother) could help with the rest?
We don't stay in touch as much as we could, both of us being shy, and having spent much of our childhood apart, we don't really know each other.
Add to that, he lives in WA, and he is away from home a lot, working in remote areas.

I emailed him, crossed my fingers and hoped he would read his emails.

He answered this morning. Oh joy!! He can help!

I'll be at the conference.
I'm looking forward to meeting my internet friends.
I'll be the quiet, shy one sitting in a corner.


  1. Yay!
    That will be so exciting for you! :)

  2. Jayne; I'll be nervous too, really stepping out of my comfort zone, but meeting my bloggy friends will be worth a little sweaty-palm anxiety.

  3. You wont be sitting in the corner at all. You will be sitting with me or with any of a number of other bloggers that you have been reading for ages.You should submit one of your posts to be read out at the live blog reading as well. :)

  4. Go for it, River. You've been a blogger for way, way longer than this post - as a regular commenter you in fact wrote 'blogs' and made friends, gave great advice and told us about yourself. There will be loads of people there who will want to meet YOU. Yes, you!

  5. I'll be sitting in the UK sulking.... I hope you have a brilliant time.

  6. Kim; but I'm so good at corners! Submit a post you say? Hmmm, as long as I don't have to read it out myself.....Now, which one should I choose?

    Kath; L'il ol' me? Aww shucks....

    Achelois; We'll be thinking of you and there'll be lots of stories and photos on the blogs of everyone who goes, so you can experience it all vicariously. I myself have just today bought a 2GB memory card for my camera.

  7. gosh. I had to put -
    "bloggers conference"+australia -
    into the searchbox.
    Then I saw the food bloggers have done it, and the wine bloggers, and the mummy bloggers ...
    sunny Queensland is it? I do hope you have a wonderful time.

  8. I am really REALLY looking forward to meeting you!

  9. Ann; it's in Sydney, why don't you join us? There's a link on Veronica's blog for information and probably on several other blogs too.

    Veronica; I'm looking forward to meeting you and your Mum! And everyone else, of course.


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