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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a little peek into my home

Several people have put up photos of their desks and I always enjoy seeing where the blog comes from that I'm currently reading, so thought you all might be the same.
So here are some photos of my workspace.

This table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture, it's where I do all my computer stuff, read, do crosswords, eat meals, and watch TV too.

It's not too messy right now, a stack of library books, remotes for TV and dvd player, my inhaler is close by since there's so much pollen around right now.
Usually there's a dinner plate and coffee mug crowded on there too.
There's a couch directly in front of it, that's where I sit after the computer is shut down for the night.

Here's a view from the other side, there's the fishbowl, the ever present tissues, (achoo!!), the latest copy of "That's Life", because the puzzles in that are really easy, so make me feel good about myself when I get them all done in just an hour or so.
The whiteout is for the sudoku puzzles, because I suck at those.

Over on the left side of the room, by the window, is the desk where the computer is supposed to sit, but I can't see the TV properly from there....
That's my printer/scanner/photocopier on the righthand side, with phonebook, and recipe book on the left, catalogues in the middle.

Behind me are three bookshelves, not as full as they used to be, since I weeded out all those impulse buy books that I only read once and found they weren't worthy of a second read. Now there's only my favourites and a few new ones that I haven't read yet.

Over on the other wall, is my oldest bookshelf, now holding about half of my dvd collection.
This particular bookshelf is the very first furniture item I bought when I was first married in 1971. It has travelled with me to 16 separate homes and stood up really well until this final 16th move, when it was almost dropped and now is a bit unsteady.
See the little troll doll in the corner by the candle?

Here he is again. He used to wear a bright green t-shirt with a "lucky" dollar sign on it. He's a Lotto troll that I bought years ago at a newsagency, by the lotto counter and he's supposed to bring luck. This week he did! I won $76. Yay me!

Here's the table without the computer, it's a very rare occasion when there isn't a crossword book on it.


  1. I love a room with a lot of books. It reads volumes.

  2. Lorna; I have books in two other rooms as well. I couldn't imagine a life without books.

  3. I love a room with books too - they always look cosy and lived in by a real person. I'd love to be sitting there in your room having a coffee!

  4. Kath; you're welcome anytime. Of course I only have instant coffee and it's that cheap International Roast stuff. But I also have milo and herbal tea.