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Thursday, September 16, 2010

moving, moving, moving, get that body moving

Pictures courtesy of the LOLcats website, thank you lolcats.

For the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of this:

then I saw a doctor, who told me to do some of this: stretch and hold for 5 seconds,

and some of this: more stretching and holding, sets of 10, three times a day.

Of course, I'm focussing on the shoulder, but I've noticed other muscles are being called in.
It's impossible to move the shoulder in the ways indicated on the sheet I've been given, without moving the back muscles too, and bracing the legs, holding firm so that the body doesn't twist while pushing/pulling the arm/shoulder to the left or right, up or down.
After a month of protecting the shoulder, I'm told I can use it as normally as possible to encourage it to move. So I pegged out my washing, carried home a lightweight bag of library books. Only two books, that's light, right?
The exercises are a little painful, but necessary, the aching in associated muscles not so welcome, but easily fixed by a little walking exercise.
The weather is great for walking, breezy, sunny, the ever present hayfever is annoying, but at least I'm getting up off my bum. So maybe it won't assume the dimensions of my couch after all.


  1. Good on you, just remember to reward yourself with a vanilla slice after a day of exercises.
    You have to keep up your strength, after all!

  2. Jayne; thought about vanilla slices, even thought about chocolate, but left the money at home and munched on an apple instead after the walking.

  3. You know what's great for excercising the shoulder? Coming to my house and washing my dishes. Maybe vacuuming my carpets...

  4. That third cat is as fat as my Jasper who exercises about as much as the cat in your first picture.




  5. kalamac; wash your own dishes....vacuuming sucks.

    Plasman; there's a LOLcat for every occasion.

  6. I love the Doug Savage cartoon - okay so rest time is over for you and now it's exercise time. You'll be better at it than you think :)