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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shoulder update

For anyone who's interested: injured shoulder at work, have been lazing around the house doing nothing much for a month.......

I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon today who examined my shoulder and pronounced it frozen. There's a torn tendon in there, so I've been off work and not using the shoulder, because it's painful, but not using it has caused it to freeze. More than it already had.

So I'm to have an injection on Monday, (ouch!) and I have a series of exercises to do three times a day to get the shoulder moving again. Apart from that I'm to use the arm as normally as I can.

I wonder if that includes vacuuming? Because the dust around here is getting thick enough to resemble a desert.....

Then, next month there's another appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, if the shoulder shows more flexibility, the repair to the tendon becomes possible.
Apparently there's no point operating to repair the tendon while the shoulder is frozen, because without movement there's no way of knowing whether or not the operation is successful.

So it appears that not using the arm because of the pain, has been the wrong thing to do, I should have continued using it, just being extra careful not to overstretch the shoulder joint.
Well, it's only been a month since I stopped working, so I don't imagine the problem has become so bad that things can't improve. I'll start with the exercises tonight, gently, gently of course.

Hopefully, I'll feel some improvement soonish. I'm not expecting miracles, I know it will take time, but maybe I'll be back at work before too long.

Before Too Long, hmmm, that's a song.


  1. Just take it easy and don't push yourself.

  2. Whoa - frozen shoulder sounds AWFUL. I hope it gets better soon.

  3. Jayne; I'll be doing the exercises very gently, while trying to remember that I'm allowed to use the arm as normally as I can. I've been doing stuff left-handed, which isn't easy since I'm so strongly right-handed.

    life in a pink fibro; It's not comfortable, but I'm managing and at least I can still get around and do stuff. I would hate to be bed-bound.

  4. Life in a pink fibro...

    sounds like a blog name.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Sounds like you'll be getting cortisone injections, is that right? It's going to be pretty hard to get into the exercises to start with, but stick at it and don't worry about the operation - it *will* work. I know this because everyone who has had it done - and done all the exercises that the surgeon/GP has recommended - has come out of it feeling a lot better.

  6. Frogdancer; it is a blog, check it out. She's funny.

    Kath; First injection on Monday. I'll be sticking with the whole necessary routine, I want my shoulder back! did the first set of exercises this morning, ouch!