Swiss Glory Chocolate

On Monday, after my hydrodilation, I treated myself to a Swiss Glory Chocolate bar.
I don't often buy this brand as it's expensive, so I hadn't seen these bars before. Usually I buy coffee truffles or something similar and always only two. Showing great restraint here.

Well as soon as I got home I had a coffee and gutsed down the chocolate without even thinking to take a photo first.

So, the next day, I went here:

Burnside Village. It's just a short way along Portrush Road, and I've been known to walk there from my home, (takes about 45 minutes on a good day),but I caught a bus this time.
The Village is even bigger than when I lived closer to it, (across the road), and now there's even more construction going on! It's HUGE!

Anyway, I know there's a Swiss Glory outlet there, and that's where I was headed.
I bought these three bars, milk, white and dark.

You can see by the pictures they are chunky little things, sold without wrappers, being put in individual cellophane bags, (made in Cellophania?) when sold.
There's no information available regarding ingredients, (a secret?), not even percentage of cocoa solids.
So I had to rely on taste alone. Now, remembering I'm not a professional taster or reviewer, here we go.
First, the white. I'm not a big fan of white chocolate, and this one proved to be just as "not so nice" as any other white I've tried. It tasted and felt a bit like a solidified bar of buttery sweetened condensed milk, with a very light dryness and a hint of mustiness. Definitely a no-no for me.
Dark chocolate is something I don't eat, so I've sent this one to my good friend Kath. in Melbourne as she is a dark choccie lover and will give it the review it deserves.

Now the milk chocolate bar. Yes, we have a winner!. All these bars are quite chunky, being 12cm long, by 2cm wide and 2cm thick, with a nice little half cm "ledge" separating each chunk.
This one? It's very satisfying, in size and in flavour.
Not too milky, not too sweet, and I can taste the cocoa! Without any cocoa powder feel or grittiness. This is very smooth.
Dare I say it? In my opinion, it's better than Haigh's milk chocolate.
At $3.20 per bar, they won't be a regular part of my weekly shopping, but these milk bars will definitely be my special treat of choice.
They are heavenly!


  1. I'm drooling too - it's nearly eleven o'clock and i haven't had any chocolate yet today!

    Elisabeth (surname escapes me, but she's the founder and owner of Swiss Glory) has never responded to my phone messages or polite emails, so stuff such as cocoa content or where she gets her chocolate from is doomed to go with to the grave I think.

    Word verification - Subrerma - people who are so tight with sharing their secret recipes they're buried with them lining their caskets.

  2. Toni; it's very yummy stuff, very drool worthy.

    Kath; I certainly hope the recipe is written down somewhere, I'd hate it if the chocolate changed after she died because no-one could remember the exact ingredients or amounts!

  3. How about that! I'd independently come to the same conclusion - ie that I prefer Swiss Glory to Haighs - as well! Spooky, huh?

    Of course this doesn't mean I'd knock back a Haighs choccie if it were given to me ...

  4. Before Miss Jahteh lived nearby, Chadstone Shopping Plaza was a runt. Now it's the biggest in Australia.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  5. Red Nomad oZ; welcome. I would never knock back a goift of choccie either, but if I was buying a special treat for myself, I'd go out of my way to get the Swiss Glory.

    R.H. Are you suggesting that JahTeh's purchases of choccies and vanilla slices are the only reason that Chadstone has made enough profit to expand the way it has?
    That's a bit cheeky of you.

  6. Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.

    I am not cheeky to her, she is cheeky to me. She has more cheek than a pimp starting a talent agency. So there, put that on your stove and cook it!!!


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