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Friday, September 10, 2010

think I'll stay fat

You know how "they" say exercise is good for you?
Hah! and Hah! again.

I know, I've been saying it too, for years, to anyone who'll listen, but really, have I the right?

I've been slothing around at home here for a month now, and it's incredible how quickly I've become used to doing nothing. Well, almost nothing.

I get up at a leisurely pace, eat breakfast, read a book. Glance at the clock, keep reading. After all, work is off limits, I don't have any appointments that need to be rushed to, turn the page, read some more. Turn on the TV and dvd player. I'm currently watching seasons 1-4 of Criminal Minds.
Eventually I'll get my fat bum off the chair, make my bed, maybe even take a walk around the yard.
But it's a tiny yard, so that's only 5 minutes.

Well, yesterday I tossed my jeans in the wash, (I'd been wearing them forever, they could have probably walked themselves to the basket), and pulled a fresh pair out of my drawer.

Uh-Oh. Couldn't pull up the zipper. Couldn't even do up the button. Damn those brownies!
(And the chiffon cake, icecream, vanilla slice, lots of mashed potatoes).
Decided I should do a little extra exercise. Seems walking to and from the shops and Post Office isn't enough. Maybe I should go everyday?

Anyway, I thought a little bend and stretch might be a good idea, so bent over to see if I could still touch my toes. Not allowed to stretch my right shoulder, so kept that tucked in and used just the left. Oh Dear God! I could only bend far enough to reach my knee. I know my lower back has been getting stiff these last couple of years, (hello arthritis!), but only reaching my knee?

Then I propped open the back door and used the step to do a little step up/step down work. I won't call it step aerobics because that's faster paced, with music. But 5 minutes worth, then I did a squat or three. All good, right?

Except I woke up this morning to find my thighs had gone on strike and were refusing to work. Painfully, refusing to work. Not entirely of course, I can still get around, but getting down on my knees to *unwind the windows? Forget it! Picking up things I drop? Forget that too. At least for a day or so until they forgive me.

I've decided to either walk more, or stay fat.
Because giving up vanilla slices just isn't an option.

*my windows have a floor level handle which winds to open the bottom section of glass.


  1. No no no, River. It's always painful in the first week and the sore muscles KILL on the second morning after....

    ...but keep doing it. Yes, this advice comes from someone who lives to eat but exercise isn't just about allowing me to continue to do that, but it does a helluva lot towards increasing my energy levels, keeping my mind active (and often providing some solutions) and making me strong.

    I love the idea of using the steps - 15 minutes a day, every day - get cracking, girl!

  2. Keep it up and snaffle a second hand exercise bike at the local op shop - someone is always chucking them out for some reason lol.
    It's a non-weight bearing exercise, works on hips, thighs and buttocks, you can regulate your own pace and it's indoors.

  3. Kath; you're right of course, but I think I'll ease into it a bit slower.

    Jayne; there's no room here for a bike, plus I can't ride, my hips don't like it, I'll stick with the stepping and walking.

  4. River, I can't ride an exercise bike either and a running machine took up my dining room for 6 months, no help. But after the scales this morning, I realize that walking does help but not in freezing weather when I'm likely to fall over so come on warm spring. And not reading the chocolate goddess about Aldi's coffee chocolate, gee that was nice. I've already started, it's Sunday and I haven't had a chocolate.