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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bet you can't guess what this is

Any ideas?

Okay, here's the answer.

It's the second, yes, the second, veneer to slide right off an eye tooth. (canine)
The first one slid off the other, (left,) eye tooth when I ran my tongue over my teeth just after eating a cheese sandwich for lunch at work. Felt it slide off and knew immediately what it was.
Almost a month ago now.
When the new veneers were less than two weeks old.
It has since been repaired.

This, below, is the inside surface of the same veneer.
I haven't been biting into hard things like lollies, nor have I been gnawing on lamb chop bones. I'm not game enough with the way my teeth have been falling apart lately.
Plus I don't like lamb chops.
This one came off as I was brushing my teeth. I felt it slide right off the tooth and onto the brush.

Maybe I should look for a new dentist.......

Here is something prettier for you to look at.
It's the moon!!
Technically part of the moon, since it's no longer full.

I heard a lot of squawking outside this morning and rushed out with the camera to see if I could get shots of the pair of white cockatoos that were circling the big gum tree. Hah! maybe if the were still long enough....

Instead I got this lovely clear shot of the moon, still fairly high in the sky at 7:50am.

How blue is that sky!!

And lastly, this pretty envelope came with the birthday card I chose for my oldest grand daughter. I've never seen an envelope with flowers printed on the inside before.
Isn't it lovely?
Just like the beautiful girl it's meant for.

After trying and failing to get photos of the cockatoo pair, I settled for one blurry shot of one of them on a tree branch. I was hoping it would look better on the bigger computer screen than it did on the small camera screen, but really, it's just a tree with a white blob.

And then I glanced at the clock.
Holey doughnut!
If I didn't leave home right then I would be late for work.
And ruin my good record? No way!
Luckily I was dressed and ready, just had to lock the doors and go.
I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare.


  1. You're a perfect employee.

    I've had a little dig at people who publish photographs. I want you to know that I don't include you (or cutie Miss Fenstar). Your photos are always stunning, always interesting.


  2. I find it incredible that you have cockatoos in your neighborhood. And that they're outside.

    That's just weird. :-)

    Greetings from Mpls, where we got 15 inches of snow yesterday and are expecting another "blast" next Monday.


  3. Love your photos. Empathise (big time) about problems with teeth. And they are soooo expensive too.

    WV acuti - for your granddaughter and the card's envelope

  4. I've had a couple of veneers on my two front teeth for ages (mainly to even out a gap) and going back for a few more (mainly to whiten) but they never fell off!

  5. R.H. I wouldn't say perfect, but I do have a record for reliability. I'm never late unless it's completely unavoidable. Then I'll ring in and let them know. Glad you enjoy my photos.

    Pearl; 15 inches of snow? That's about knee deep for me. (I'm short) And more snow coming? I hope you have plenty of food in the house. You know, just in case you get snowed in.
    Australia has many cockatoos, white, black, and the pink-and-grey galahs that fly in groups of hundreds sometimes. They're a menace to farmers when the crops are ripening. We have many, many colourful parrots too. All making a lovely squawking racket at dawn and dusk when they're in the trees feeding on gumnuts or half ripe fruit.

    The Elephant's Child; Teeth!! Grrr! enough said.

    Baino; I've had a couple of veneers before this, one cracked staright up the middle, but stayed on, the other one chipped off on one edge when I forgot it was there and bit a miniature christmas candy cane. But it, too, stayed on.
    But these two new ones, on the eye teeth? Pfft! First one, then the other. It will be repaired on Friday. But I'm seriously thinking of finding another dentist. I've never really been happy with the work he does. I only go there because he's close (on the way to work), and he allows me to pay things off over time.

  6. I'm impressed with your ability to detect things in the wrong places.
    My inheritance is due soon. When it arrives I'll be hiring you as my secretary.

  7. Oh, don't get me started on dentists! Is it possible to get a (free) second opinion about the veneers?? Or maybe dentures will do the trick!

  8. A CHEESE SANDWICH should not do that. After two weeks, not 10 years? Cray-zee.

  9. Crikey, River - veneers should NOT do that! I hope your new dentist has stronger dental cement or whatever they use.