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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I don't like tomorrow

It isn't even here yet, and already I'm not looking forward to Wednesday.

You see, a few days ago, a big chunk of one of my really old crumbling fillings broke off one of my lower molars. One of the three that I have left.
The rough edges are scraping my tongue and I'm afraid to chew on that side in case more breaks off. So I've been chewing on the other side and there's only one tooth back there.

My dentist has been on holiday, so his first few days back have been fully booked.
The first appointment I could get was tomorrow.
At 8:15 in the morning.
Then I have to be at work by 9:00.

I really hope he doesn't say that tooth has to come out.
Not when I have to go straight to work after.

Probably he'll just smooth the edges.
The rest of the tooth is mostly filling anyway, so there's no pain and no risk of infection.
Just awkwardness while eating.


  1. River, I sincerely hope the news is not as bad as it seems. I find dentists a necessary evil and it seems I am not alone there :)

  2. My fingers are crossed for you, River. If it does need to come out, let him do it (unless you want to suck soup on one side of your mouth for the rest of the year?). And also arrange to have your payments staggered so that it doesn't hit you all at once. If he doesn't agree to that, contact ME and I'll contact HIM and give him a piece of my mind!

  3. Good luck. Me, I am terrified of dentists though my current torturer is a tiny Persian woman who is noted for her gentleness. I did read somewhere sometime that dentists are the profession most likely to commit suicide. Which didn't entirely surprise me. An awful job - probing into bad breath and decay, teamed with people avoiding you is not a winning combination.

  4. Good luck......alhtough I am sure the dentist will not remove the tooth...but instead (want to)replace most of it with a crown (similar in price to a royal one)....most of my teeth were filled with huge fillings when I was young (and I think we are around the same vintage so you probably had the same standard of dentistry.....and these fillings are now breaking/falling out and I have had several crowns....the dentist has done a "plan".....I think to fit in with his next series of house renos and overseas trips! i did mention to him that although I am a princess surely not ALL of my teeth need crowns! I have now put "the plan" on hold - my circumstances have changed and I am sure the ex hasn't factored my plan into his current plan.....his new GF might have her own plan!

  5. Chez; I was in and out of there this morning with plenty of time to get to work. The news wasn't too bad at all.

    Kath; I still have the tooth, but what's left of the old filling will need to be built up a bit soonish, to protect what's left of the eating surface. He's happy to have me pay things off, I have a good record there.

    The Elephant's Child; I'm not at all afraid of dentists, it's the cost that stops me from going.

    Lorraine; you're right, what's left of my old teeth have massive fillings, and fillings upon fillings, over the past few years quite a few have crumbled and broken off. I get them smoothed off, then repaired when I can afford it, but only if the tooth really needs it. I haven't had any crowns, just can't afford them, but I've recently had some veneers done on my front teeth so I can smile with a bit more confidence. Especially at the Bloggers Conference.