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you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I feel pretty...oh so pretty...

Anyone who has read my comments on other blogs, knows that I'm not a shoe person.

I don't have a cupboard full of different shoes in varied styles and colours, to cover every possible occasion where I might want to wear dressy clothes.

Instead, I'm a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl.

For years and years, this is what I've worn on my feet.

But yesterday, my older daughter took me shopping. Clothes shopping. I now have a nice shirt to wear at the Bloggers Conference and a new pair of shoes. Pretty shoes. Girly shoes. Shoes of a style I haven't worn in probably twenty years.

Take a look......aren't they pretty?

They are flat shoes, I've never worn high heels and I don't intend to start now.
They even have plastic inserts to hold their shape. elastic strap with a pretty, pretty flower on the side.

I tried them on in the shop and they were comfortable, so I was happy.
Today, I wore them around the house all day to see if they would stay comfortable for a whole day.
They did. I'm very happy with them.
The best part? Since I don't get all dressy very often, they'll last me for years.


  1. Now, for someone who DOES have a shoe fetish, I'm in love! Pretty AND comfortable. Well, that sounds perfect. I hope you enjoy the ABC. I'm sad I'm going to miss it. Maybe I can meet you in person next year? Thanks for sharing your shoes. xx

  2. Truly the best of both worlds. Rare, and to be cherished. I hope you continue to get lots of pleasure out of them.

  3. The true beauty exist in simplicity. I wish love and success.

  4. How sweet. Comfy and a girly little flower. You can walk and walk or dance and dance. You have a great and marvelous time.

    You must not be a Pisces. I am. Pisces rules the feet. My kids used to call me Amelda Marcos. Think of all the money you save by not being a Pisces. Ha.
    Love and Peace.

  5. I never wear heels either. Life's too short to end up with spine problems... I love being comfortable!

  6. Excellent hybrid of comfort and style. Every female celebrity foot we see in images, is jammed into a crippling shoe that makes me think they have a painful future.
    Their podiatrist will be saying to them, as mine said to me
    "you will never be wearing 'occasion shoes' again".

  7. Kymmie; I'm sure I'll enjoy the ABC, even being as nervous as I am. Not sure about next year though, unless they hold one in Adelaide. (or I could win Lotto)

    Elephant's Child; I'm going to enjoy them every time I dress up just a little. You know, the "nice" shorts instead of the fraying faded ones.

    woman; simplicity is often the prettiest of styles.

    Manzanita; the flower was what made me pick them up for a closer look. I'm a Leo. My gand daughter is a Pisces and has many, many pairs of shoes.

    Frogdancer; I have the problems without ever having worn heels. Just doesn't seem fair...

    Ann O'Dyne; I notice those crippling shoes too, and think to myself, she's going to be sorry when she's 50.

  8. Pretty :)

    I think it's nice to treat ourselves to a few things that are pretty as well as practical

  9. I really like them - nice to see that flats can be pretty (and comfortable) too.

  10. I love those shoes, great choice!
    I will try to get them as well!
    Hush puppies right? I can see 'puppies' in the photo. I am not a pisces but am a shoe fetish, have more than 36 pairs of shoes last count...

    Have a fabulous trip to sydney!!

  11. I think I want those shoes! I will know you by those shoes at the Bloggers Conference. And you will know me by me being the one checking out everyone's shoes!

    I thought I had my she fetish beat, but it is rearing its ugly head again.... I wonder if I can squeeze in some shopping tomorrow...?

  12. Beet; it's more special when someone else is doing the treating.

    Kath; there's lots of pretty flats out there, you should go shopping.

    drb; yes, Hush Puppies, the design is called Envy. The thin insole with the brand name is called a "sock" in shoe factories and that is what I did for nine years; inserting socks in shoes. Some loose, some glued, it was a job I loved.

    Dorothy; So you'll be head down bumping into everyone and everything?