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Thursday, February 17, 2011

look at me !! I'm famous!! (alternate title - Bragging)

Sort of.


Okay - not.

But I am featured in our local free newspaper this week.


It's a story about me and the beehive I found and photographed.

(crosses fingers and hope the link works).

Just in case you can't make out the text, here it is:-

Bee prepared

Maylands was abuzz last month and Elsie Hanlin was on hand to capture it.
The Maylands resident is a keen photographer and spotted a beehive nestled in a meter box at the Dover Street roundabout.

"I could hear the bees and *see them buzzing, so I walked over and the (meter box) lid was off," Ms Hanlin says.
"They were building a hive and there were two big honeycomb pieces just covered in bees."
Ms Hanlin submitted one of her photos to the East Torrens Messenger's online Summer Holidays photo gallery.

She can often be seen strolling the streets, camera in hand, snapping away at rooflines, shadows or a cheeky cat.
"I take photos of anything that pops into my head. I don't have a particular theme. "

So there's my picture, for everyone to see, (and my name too, which I wasn't quite ready to reveal yet.) But what the heck, it's done now.

The story has one mistake, I sent them four photos, not one. They chose a good one, but it didn't come out well in the size they used. To See better photos, click on the link above, (beehive), and see the all photos I posted there.

*see them buzzing? Hmmm.
I think they meant hear them buzzing and see them flying about.

I'm so picky aren't I?


  1. OOOOH I know someone FAMOUS now!

    (I still think of you as River.)

  2. Hi River,

    How are you going to cope with the fame? WIll you need an agent?

    I didn't realise that you were capable of seeing sounds. That's quite a special power.




  3. Oh wow. I hope you are not going to let fame change you. She says in jest. Was the photo they chose the best one?

  4. Whoo hoo! Now you'll have to make sure that fame-hungry people don't accidentally-on-purpose throw themselves in front of you hoping that you'll catch them on film.....

    Blossoming in so many ways..... can we still call you River or do you want Ms Hanlin now?

  5. Oh wow, your name is so pretty!
    As a child, I read "Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep" and I have adored the name ever since. :-)

    Congrats on the photo being published. :-)

  6. Can I have your autograph? Then I'll be able to say 'I knew her BEFORE she was famous ...'!!

    Well Done!!

  7. Toni; I'm not so famous just yet, I'll have to go walking with my camera and see if people notice. Two of the girls at work saw the article and said Oooh! you're famous!

    Plasman; if I find I need an agent, I'll be sure and call on you.

    The Elephant's Child; No, they chose the worst photo of the four I sent. Fame will never change me....

    Kath; I'll stay River, I really like it. I hope people don't start throwing themselves in front of me, I hardly watch where I'm going and I'd be tripping all over them.

    Devi; it took me many, many years to be comfortable as an Elsie. To me it's always seemed an old grandma name. of course, these days I am an old grandma.

    Red Nomad OZ; autographs are 20 cents the one who says fame will not change her.

  8. Does the link work for anyone? I tried it and it didn't......

    So if you want to see the beehive story, scroll through my January posts to the one titled nature at work.

    How do I make a link back to a previous post? Help? Anyone?

  9. Congratulations on your much deserved attention to your illustrious picture taking. Your photos deserve media capturing and I am applauding you. Nice article. Keep up the good work.
    Love and Peace

  10. I love them bee people--and the wasp people too!

  11. It will National Geographic next. :)

  12. You've had your 15 minutes of fame, it's all down hill from here on Ha, Ha, Ha. Very well done fantastic :-).

  13. It says, 'She can often be seen strolling the streets.'

    I knew women like that. None were called Elsie.

  14. Manzanita; thank you.

    Snowbrush; I hope the bees were removed by a proper beekeeper and taken to a hive somewhere.

    Andrew; I really don't think so...

    Windsmoke; 15 minutes? That's all I get?

    R.H. Now you can say you know a street stroller called Elsie. Ha Ha.