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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the physio made me cry

At yesterday's physio appointment, I mentioned that my neck was feeling somewhat better, but that my back had become stiff and aching from doing all those exercises.

So instead of working on the neck and shoulder muscles, J put pressure on various trigger points up and down my spine, and around the shoulder blade.

My back has been painful off and on for many years and because of this the muscles and tendons have all become tight and inflexible.
So the pain from J pressing deep into the trigger points at first made me gasp a lot and mutter holy cow several times.

Then, he found a particularly painful spot. And I cried.
J didn't know I was crying, I was face down on the treatment table, (with my face in that space where the face goes so you can still breathe), with quiet tears just dripping down onto the floor.

When he'd finished pressing, J asked was I okay, that's when he discovered I'd been crying from the pain.
I suppose I could have asked him to stop the treatment, but it doesn't go for all that long, and I know my back needs this just as much as my neck and shoulder.

(stopping right here to do my hourly neck stretches)

Well, J apologised, handed me a handful of tissues, then I had some soothing ultrasound up and down the spine while he just chattered on, at the end asking were we still friends, and would I be back for more treatments.

I said of course I'd be back, the treatments are necessary if I'm to be able to move more freely and be able to work as well as manage things at home.
So I'll be back there on Friday.
And probably for several more weeks after that.


  1. I figure it's helping me when I feel that way. I'm sure that if you had any inkling to the contrary, you wouldn't have taken the pain as you did. Those back problems can be a bitch. Mine have only been occasional, but I've been unable to even walk on a few occasions.

  2. Oh poor River,

    Hope the remaining treatments aren't as bad...




  3. Oh River that's awful! You MUST tell J when it hurts that bad. I'm not saying that they will stop but there might be other ways of sorting you out. Good on you though for keeping it up - hopefully it will make it all better in a few weeks' time.

  4. I was up and down last night putting ice packs on my spine and I would have loved some soothing ultrasounding on my back.

  5. Snowbrush; I've had back problems since 1986, when I had a bad sprain that went untreated except for rest. I've had many days being unable to walk, instead crawling around the house, or just lying flat.

    Frogdancer; that's what I said, and a few other words were muttered under my breath.

    Plasman; I fear there's a loooong way to go.

    Windsmoke, I'd prefer no pain, no pain, but that won't work.

    Kath; each treatment session only lasts about 20 minutes altogether with various parts being worked on, mostly (only just) bearable, but he hit a particularly sore spot that's been bad for years. Usually I treat it with a hot water bottle and codeine.

    JahTeh; I'm up and down right now wrapping a frozen flannel around my swollen ankle. The one with the varicose veins, it isn't sprained, just painful.

  6. River, about crawling around the house because your back is in a spasm. That gets pretty funny when you have bad knees and bad shoulders too. I got stuck in front of the refrigerator once, and every time Peggy opened it, the cold air would chill me, so she covered me with an afghan.

  7. Oww River, it must have been really hurting to make you cry. Love