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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Selections #6

Sunday Selections is brought to you by Kim, from Frog Ponds Rock who thought this would be a great way for people to display photos that have never before seen the light of day. Well, not on their blogs anyway.

This week's Sunday Selections theme at Drifting Through Life is Traffic Stoppers.

The Red Light.
If this doesn't make you stop, then nothing will.
(Well, maybe that police car over there---->ha ha.)

The Amber Light.
For slowing down, preparing to stop.

The Green Light.
Okay, okay, it's not a traffic stopper, but let's not quibble over technicalities.

The Roulettes, doing one of their flyover routines during our annual Clipsal 500 car race.
These aerial acrobatics are very definitely traffic stoppers.
Everybody I know stops to watch when these boys get going.

To participate in Sunday Selections, go through your pictures files,
dust off a few dozen/ hundred/ thousand photos that you have stored but never used
and post them on your blog.
On a Sunday of course.
Don't forget to link back to Kim.
Then click on over to Kim's and add your name and url to the link.


  1. Love them. Thank you. Re the amber light - whilst in Egypt some years ago a taxi driver told my partner that 'the amber lights are for pretty'. And he said that going by the driving they certainly had no other meaning.

  2. I've never seen an air show and I'd love to! wouldn't it be cool to go back to the 20s and watch those fly-boys in action barnstorming?

  3. I would have never thought to photograph traffic lights but they work really well as a subject, especially in sequence like you've done :)

  4. River, these are great. Love the last one too.

  5. Oh River you have such a good eye for a photo. I LOVE this series!

  6. This is a really interesting selection and it has a good message for life!

  7. What a novel idea to photograph traffic lights :-)

  8. Oh, I do like the traffic lights! And the green one does stop traffic, in a sense, because the other guys don't get to go!

  9. The traffic lights are really a unique photo subject. A true photographer would have an eye for that. Wonderful.

  10. The Elephant's Child; most people here think that Amber is for "put your foot down and get through before it turns red".

    Toni; I saw a movie once about barn-stormers. I don't remember the title but it was interesting and a bit scary watching the wing-walkers.

    gaby@727m2-a garden diary; welcome to drifting. And thank you. I'll hop on over and check your blog.

    Tiff; thanks. I spent hours the day before working out how to set my camera for continous shooting, so I was really pleased with these.

    Kim; thanks. Coming from a great photographer such as yourself, this is praise indeed.

    Frangipan; thanks, I try to find interesting stuff.

    Carolina; welcome to drifting. Well, you see, it was like this....I'd been out photographing flowers and there I was on my way home, waiting at the lights, with my took the sequence.

    Jay at The Depp Effect; you're right. I didn't think of that.

    Manzanita; thank you, I don't think of myself as a photographer, I just wander around snapping shots of pretty much anything and hoping they turn out okay.